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7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Female Orgasm We Bet You Didn’t know!

7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Female Orgasm We Bet You Didn’t know!

The female orgasm is a wonderful gift that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. But this delight is also mysterious to quite an extent. The female orgasm is mystery to men, well that’s a no-brainer, but when it comes to reaching climax even women could use some more knowledge. ‘Coz, obviously, the more we know about it, the smaller the pleasure gap gets. 

So to help you get better, we are decoding a few mysteries about female orgasm. Take your time, go through them one by one because we all for improving our knowledge. 

Facts About Female Orgasms That We All Should Know

A sexual intercourse is NOT the only way to have an orgasm


There’s masturbation too! Majority of women do not have an orgasm through penetration. Statistics say that one out of three women has an orgasm during sexual intercourse, which gives masturbation a hundred percent chance of satisfying a woman. We hope you’re helping yourself! *wink*

There are 14 different types of orgasms

Yes! You read that right. There’s are orgasms that you get through your G Spot, U spot, Anus, Vagina and Nipples to name a few. Describing them in detail would require me to write a detailed article on this. Which I will. Stay tuned!

Only women can achieve multiple orgasms!


Well! Well! Well! Imagine getting back to back orgasms in one session? Sounds divine, right? Only women can orgasm multiple times without even a single break! How cool is that?

An average female orgasm lasts upto 30-40 seconds

While an orgasm for a man lasts for 2-3 seconds, for women it could last anywhere between 20 seconds to two minutes (though the time may vary from woman to woman).

It’s official! Sex can cure headaches


According to research published in the year 2013, 60 percent of people suffering from migraine received moderate or complete relief after experiencing an orgasm. Well, next time you get a headache, you know what to do!

Women in same sex relationships are more likely to orgasm

Like we said, 95 percent of men orgasm during sexual intercourse while only 65 percent of women have an orgasm through intercourse. The statistics are pretty clear, aren’t they?

Orgasmic dysfunction is real!

Nearly 10 percent of women across the world cannot achieve orgasm no matter what. This inability to reach orgasm is known as Anorgasmia. This happens even when women are sexually aroused and there’s sufficient sexual stimulation, but they are not able to have an orgasm. 

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03 Jul 2020

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