10 Embarrassing Questions You Probably had About Semen – Answered!

Nancy VargheseNancy Varghese  |  Dec 21, 2017
10 Embarrassing Questions You Probably had About Semen – Answered!


In a country like India where the idea of population control has clearly gotten out of hand, the need for sex education is more urgent than ever. Our problem? The huge and unnecessary taboo that surrounds the idea of sex in this country, that morally judges you for asking any kind of questions that even remotely concern a penis or a vagina. As sexually active women with a right to choose sexual partners and have consensual sex, we do need all the info we can get on penises, oral sex, blowjobs, vaginal intercourse, and even semen – something that nobody is going to casually inform you in everyday conversation! What does it look like? Where does it come from? How can it get you pregnant – there are so many questions!

Since sanskaar before STDs is what our society firmly believes in, allow us to save you from the judgement of the moral police and answer some of the most embarrassing questions you ever had about semen.

1. What exactly is semen?

Let’s start with the good old basics. Semen, also called as the male reproductive fluid or seminal fluid, is what’s expelled from a man’s penis, most often after he achieves orgasm. The semen contains millions of sperm, short for spermatozoa – the microscopic cells that fertilise a female’s ova and are essential to the process of reproduction.

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2. What does it look like?

It’s a pale yellowish to milky white and thin fluid with a texture that pretty much resembles the phlegm from a runny nose, if you will. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

3. Is it harmful to swallow semen?

The concept of swallowing semen after performing fellatio (also called oral sex) on a man was popularised through porn, and is not something that has any kind of benefits whatsoever to your body.

There has been no scientific evidence to show that semen can be harmful to your health in any way, although, it is advised that you don’t do it so as to prevent the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI). It is possible to get STIs even through oral sex, and precaution must be taken at all times. It’s best to have your partner and yourself tested before you go ahead.

Besides, with such a large variety of flavoured condoms available in the market, why not get tasting and teasing instead?

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4. What does it taste like?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions of them all, the answer to this one has varied between women from across the spectrum. The most commonly accepted answer has ranged between  – “slightly salty” to “slightly sweet”. This is because semen contains amino acids and protein, sugars such as fructose and glucose, minerals such as zinc and calcium, vitamin C, and a few other nutrients.

5. Can swallowing semen get me pregnant?

No, you cannot get pregnant by swallowing semen. The sperm within the semen needs to make its way to your uterus, through your Fallopian tube – the entry to which is through your vagina. Semen is edible, and if swallowed, will travel down and into the stomach, where it will be digested like food is.

The sperm, as powerful swimmers as they can be, cannot access your uterus through your digestive tract. So rest can go “ahead” and finish your job without worrying *wink*

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6. Can I be allergic to semen?

Yes, you can. Even though it’s normally rare, seminal plasma hypersensitivity or just ‘semen allergy’ is an allergic reaction to the proteins found in a man’s semen, that can affect women. But don’t worry, it can be taken care of by your gynaecologist or an allergist in no time.

7. I got semen on me after he ejaculated. What do I do?

To begin with, don’t fret! Like any other bodily fluid, semen can be wiped and washed off of you, and it really is as easy as rinsing your hands after you eat. As long as you make sure he was wearing a condom while having sex, and you didn’t get any semen inside you, you should be fine!

P.S: Stay clear of semen on your vagina. Period.

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8. So, a man ejaculates semen only after he achieves an orgasm?

Not always. Nocturnal emission (also commonly known as nightfall or wet dreams) can be common in males, mostly in adolescence, and is known as the involuntary ejaculation while asleep.

9. If semen follows an orgasm, then why can’t I have unprotected sex and just have him pull out of me when he is about to ejaculate?

Hey, we get it. Unprotected sex may be way more fun because there’s no artificial barrier keeping you and your partner from experiencing, what they call “skin on skin” pleasure. But believe us when we say: it’s not safe. You can NOT guarantee that your partner will be able to pull out of you before getting an orgasm, and better safe than sorry, don’t you think?

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10. If I have his semen on my underwear, can I get pregnant?

Your first reflex should be to wash it off and not analyse it! What you should remember is that the sperm has one job – to get to your uterus under any circumstances and fertilise your egg – and it’s a job it’s known to do REALLY well. Why else would there be surprise pregnancies around the world?!

Trust us. Don’t get semen anywhere near your vagina. Especially not an underwear you’re wearing that is protecting the opening of your vagina. Just don’t.

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