10 Dos And Don’ts To Keep In Mind When Wearing A Jumpsuit!

Somya SureshSomya Suresh  |  Apr 25, 2017
10 Dos And Don’ts To Keep In Mind When Wearing A Jumpsuit!


While jumpsuits are so comfy and chic, they can be a bit intimidating to wear, especially if you’ve hardly ever worn one. Wearing a jumpsuit is tricky business and you must know a few things before you decide to wear one the next time! Whether it’s deicing the fit, colour, the fabric or the footwear, here are 10 dos and don’ts of wearing a jumpsuit every girl should know!

1. DON’T opt for very bold prints

Since jumpsuits are an overall outfit by themselves, wearing prints that are too bold and bright might just end up looking a bit clumsy and even OTT. If you want to wear a printed jumpsuit, go for smaller prints that are more detailed and intricate. In case of tropical prints that are usually all over and big, try to offset your look with a shrug or jacket.

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2. DO wear dark coloured jumpsuits if you’re bottom heavy

2 dos and donts of wearing a jumpsuit

Try a two-toned jumpsuit instead of one overall printed one if you are heavy on the bottom. Balance your look with a jumpsuit that has a different pattern and colour on the blouse and a maybe a plain, dark coloured lower half. This gives an illusion of shape and silhouette and that makes your legs look longer, adding a few inches to your height, overall!

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3. DON’T wear stiff fabrics

When you wear a jumpsuit, you want it to fall on your figure properly. And for that, you mustn’t buy a jumpsuit that’s in a stiff fabric as it won’t be very flattering. Opt for chiffons, georgettes and silks instead of cottons, linens and more. Cottons and linens will also get crumpled too soon and make you look rather clumsy!

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4. DO experiment with belts

4 dos and donts of wearing a jumpsuit

If you’re wearing a jumpsuit, do experiment with a range of belts. From the broad ones that will cinch your waist and make it look smaller to thin, intricate belts that can add some character to your outfit. It’s really going to make all the difference to your ensemble!

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5. DON’T wear prints if you have a broad figure

If you have a figure that’s broad, then it’s probably not a good idea to wear a jumpsuit that’s has an all over print. Try to wear a plain jumpsuit and throw over an interesting jacket or shrug to finish off your ensemble. This way, you can make your figure look leaner and taller. You can also try fabrics such as denim and neoprene that will give your body great shape but won’t stick to it. If you do want to experiment with prints, stick to small patterns.

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6. DO dress as per the occasion

6 dos and donts of wearing a jumpsuit

Like with dresses, there are just so many different types of jumpsuits that you can wear! From funky, casual ones to chic, sophisticated ones that can replace the LBD. There’s one for every occasion and you must dress accordingly. Go for a minimal, fuss free style for dinner dates and parties; keep the printed, bright ones (including playsuits) for some daytime chic!

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7. DON’T wear the wrong lingerie

When you’re wearing a jumpsuit, you’ve gotta be careful of your lingerie because most jumpsuits are fitted, especially on the bottom. Ensure that you’re wearing seamless underwear leaving no room for visible panty lines!

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8. DO experiment with footwear

8 dos and donts of wearing a jumpsuit

You can wear almost all types of footwear with your jumpsuit. Gladiators, wedges, block heels, pumps, pointed toes – almost anything and everything can be paired with a jumpsuit. Pair them as per the occasion, the colour of your jumpsuit and it’s patterns.

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9. DON’T wear low waist jumpsuits

Because a low waist jumpsuit is never going to look good! It’s bound to make you look broader and highlight your hips for no reason. Always, always ensure that the waistline of your jumpsuit sits a few inches above your navel or just on it to help flatter your figure best.

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10. DO pay attention to the fitting

10 dos and donts of wearing a jumpsuit

Never buy a jumpsuit without trying it on and bend, stretch and move around when you’re trying it. Getting the fitting right for a jumpsuit is tricky business, so pay attention to the pants especially! If the pants of the jumpsuit doesn’t fit right, you might end up with a camel toe and you definitely don’t want that!

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Keep these points in mind before you go shopping!

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