how to wear the jumpsuit

Jump Into It: How to Rock the Jumpsuit

Shaistha Khan

Guest Contributor

The jumpsuit made a comeback (from the 1970s) in 2009, and it has been growing more and more popular since then. After trickling its way down from celebrities to A-listers to socialites to bloggers, even the girl-next-door has hopped on the jumpsuit bandwagon. Whether you’re tall, curvy or petite, the jumpsuit can work for you - and it is here to stay!

Today we give you some no-fail guidelines on how to wear the jumpsuit and make it work for you. Read on!

1. Material Must

how to wear the jumpsuit 1 - koovs

While considering buying a jumpsuit, the first rule is to look at the material. Fabrics like polyester, polyester blends, silk-jersey are comfortable and have a flow/fall that tends to be highly forgiving of imperfections. Avoid materials like linen - they tend to crush easily, and also show up sweat stains.

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2. Size It Up

how to wear the jumpsuit 2 - zara

Make sure your jumpsuit is the right size. If it’s too small, it tends to ride up in all the wrong places, and if it’s a larger size, it will look extremely unflattering. Also, the jumpsuit should be snug around your assets, but fall like a drape everywhere else. Try the jumpsuit in a trial room, move around in it and check if it pulls anywhere, if the crotch is either too low or too tight.

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3. Love Your Body

how to wear the jumpsuit 3 - body type

As with everything fashion, choose a jumpsuit that works for your body type.

If you are apple-shaped, opt for shorter length or pants with cuffs. Alternatively, try colour-blocking jumpsuits, with the top in a dark colour and the bottom in a different, lighter colour. POPxo Recommends: Ezabella Jumpsuit (Rs 1,360)

If you are pear-shaped, opt for styles which highlight your torso, like interesting detailing, or if you dare, plunging necklines. Do not go for short pant lengths. POPxo Recommends: Long Colored Jumpsuit (Rs 4,990)

If you are hour-glass shaped, choose styles the cinch at the waist, emphasizing your small waist and giving you an opportunity to flaunt your curves. POPxo Recommends: FabAlley Printed Jumpsuit  (Rs 1,850)

If you are petite, a single-toned jumpsuit creates the illusion of height. Long, loose pants will drown your petite frame, so avoid those. POPxo Recommends: Forget-Me-Not Jumpsuit (Rs 1,599)

4. Amp It Up with Accessories

how to wear the jumpsuit 4 - accessorize

To take things up a notch, break up the jumpsuit with a belt or a chain link. If you are petite, wear the belt a little lower than your waist, to give the illusion of height. If you are going the conventional route of a relaxed black jumpsuit, jazz it up with a vest, pair of sky high heels, a smart blazer or broach.

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5. Find Friendly Prints

how to wear the jumpsuit 5 - myntra

As a first-timer, opt for safe prints like paisley, polka dots or other small prints. If you are apple-shaped, avoid big prints or horizontal prints on the torso.  If you’re feeling especially bold, try animal prints. Done right, an animal-printed jumpsuit gives you the right amount of chutzpah needed to conquer the world!

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6. Keep the Occasion in Mind

how to wear the jumpsuit 6 - occasions

Jumpsuits, like dresses, have so many variations that you have plenty of options to choose from for any kind of occasion that comes your way. So for a formal event, you can opt for a fully lined, short sleeved jumpsuit that has straight-cut pants; and for a casual day out, you could go for something breezy with wide legs and a printed half. For a glitzy club outing, try out a jumpsuit that has floor-length pants as they look very graceful.

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7. It’s All ABout Having Fun

how to wear the jumpsuit 7 - stalkbuylove

Be comfortable and have fun! Jumpsuits are the ultimate comfort wear. If you’re not comfortable, but pulling and tugging on it, then there’s no point in jumping into a jumpsuit.

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Published on Feb 26, 2015
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