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Here's All You Need To Know About Wearing Fashionable Jumpsuits Like A Pro

Here's All You Need To Know About Wearing Fashionable Jumpsuits Like A Pro

This story was updated in January 2019.

Are you tired of wearing dresses all the time? Don’t get us wrong, dresses are chic and pretty, and they do make a good statement, but if you think your wardrobe could use a slight upgrade with different kinds of outfits, we have something in for you. Jumpsuits! A one-piece garment, a jumpsuit is both functional and striking to look at, and it can take you to multiple places without changing your outfit. Sounds good? We thought so!

Now it's natural for you to be wary of trying out a jumpsuit, especially if you haven’t worn one before, but we are here to help! From picking the right kind of jumpsuit to colours, design elements, fabrics and everything that makes or breaks an outfit, we’ve got everything sorted out for you. So sit back, read on, and then choose a fashionable jumpsuit for work, for a party or for simply wearing on a day-to-day basis.

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Picking The Right Jumpsuit Based On Your Frame & Body Type

We are all beautiful in our own way and each one of has the freedom to dress up according to our own style. There is no stopping what one wants to wear, and so if you are someone who actually likes to dress according to your body frame in order to strengthen your styling, you do you. For a little help, here’s a list of jumpsuit styles that are best-suited for each kind of body type. Take a look.

1-How-To-Wear-Jumpsuits-Cropped Jumpsuit

Image source: Instagram

For A Tall Frame

If you are having trouble deciding what kind of jumpsuit will suit your tall frame, we have an answer for you- a wide-legged jumpsuit, of course! Your tall frame will not only look great in the kind, but you can also carry off with ease the excessive fabric that makes for a wide-legged jumpsuit. If you are looking for variations, go for a calf-length culotte style jumpsuit, a cropped jumpsuit or a flared jumpsuit.

2-How-To-Wear-Jumpsuits-Vertical Stripes

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For A Petite Frame

A relatively smaller frame means that excessive fabric will only downplay your height. To ace the jumpsuit game and play to your strengths, go for slim-fit styles in a solid colour or print or embellished details if you like. To avoid the hassle of the hem coming beneath your feet, avoid the flowy, long jumpsuits and make way for ankle grazing styles. And if appearing taller is more your thing, opt for jumpsuits in vertical stripes or small overall print.


Image source: Instagram

For A Pear Shaped Frame

If you have a heavier bottom compared to your torso then you have a pear-shaped frame. So looking to highlight your shoulders is a good way to dress in a jumpsuit. Off-shoulder styles that are completely strapless or come with a thin, barely-there strap can be used to dress up accordingly, along with asymmetric shoulder styles. If you are looking to highlight your shoulders further, opt for jumpsuits that come with embroidered details along the torso.


Image source: Instagram

For An Apple Shaped Frame

Exactly the opposite of a pear-shaped body type, the apple shaped body type refers to people who have a wider torso as compared to the bottom. In layman terms, you may refer to it as top heavy. To dress up according to your body type, choose layered styles. Jumpsuits with a ruffled top, a tiered upper or one with simple layers may do the trick.


Image source: Instagram

For An Hourglass Frame

An hourglass figure means you have a narrow waist while your torso and bottom are aligned in the same manner. If you fit into this body type, the trick is to start with picking a jumpsuit that highlights your waist. Opt for a cinched waist jumpsuit,  or choose anything from a ruched waist style, a bow tied at the waist or simply a belt.

Selecting Jumpsuits According To Occasions


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You could be wearing one of your best jumpsuits to work but do make sure that it’s not NSFW. And how to do that? Pick styles that are sleek, sharp, and well-tailored, giving you a sophisticated appearance. Opt for smart colours that are not too blah. Think grey, navy, black, blue, and beige, amongst others. Avoid head-to-toe neons and excessively bright colours at all costs when dressing for work. While you are out selecting the perfect jumpsuit for your workwear wardrobe, make sure that you let go of the bling and shimmer, reserving it for parties. Improvise with textures in fabrics that add a bit of flair to your outfit, while also accessorising minimally.


Image source: Instagram


If it’s a fiesta you have on your mind, then we suggest you turn up the style quotient with a sequin-detail or embellished jumpsuit that screams party. Not for the faint-hearted, these styles are fearless and best suited for the party season. If you are feeling the urge to go a little OTT, opt for feather details or a dramatic print that does justice to your look. Plunging necklines, experimentative silhouettes, and all that jazz- everything is allowed!


Image source: Instagram


Let’s just say it, there are very few things that are better or more comforting than a brunch with friends or family. Since brunches are usually the order of the day on the weekends, go the carefree route with fuss-free styles that are equal parts comfortable and striking. Pair with flats such as loafers or sneakers to increase the ease of your outfit.


Image source: Instagram


Whether it is running around doing chores or going out shopping with friends, a jumpsuit is an OOTD that will keep you looking chic no matter what. Delve completely into the devil-may-care zone with a basic solid colour jumpsuit or a cool print. If you’re in the mood for something more fun, opt for placement prints or frills that leave a mark.

10-How-To-Wear-Jumpsuits-Date night

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Date Night

While dressing up for date night, keep it subtle by not going to OTT, but make sure that your style leaves an impression. Jumpsuits with embroidered or lace details, halter neck styles, emphasised sleeves, and layered torsos are welcome, but make sure that you pick something that you are equally comfortable in.

Choosing According To Different Designs & Fabrics

Based On Design Elements


Image source: Instagram

Printed Jumpsuits

Nothing makes for a breezy look like a printed jumpsuit. With a variety of prints that you may choose to wear- polka dots, florals, paisley, stripes, quirky, and animal prints to name a few, your woes on what to wear next can be left behind! Whether you are looking for a subtle option or something that’s a little E-X-T-R-A, there’s always a plethora of options available in prints. If you are not very keen on wearing an overall print, opt for placement prints that are strategically placed in certain parts and not all over.

Embroidered Jumpsuits

Who doesn’t like that hint of embroidered drama on their outfit? Go all out with it or stick to embroidered details. From botanical embroideries and floral ones to minute details that may go unnoticed in the first glance, the options out there for this category of jumpsuits are numerous.


Image source: Instagram

Embellished Jumpsuits

Sequin, glitter, and beads all spell party, especially if the option you have in mind is an overall embellished jumpsuit. But if maximalism is not your cup of tea, opt for ensembles that come with a hint of embellishment, and not too much of it.


Image source: Instagram

Monochromatic Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit in a solid colour worn from H2T may as well be your saviour. From pop colours and bright shades to dark hues, the options are numerous. How do you keep it interesting? There’s always surface manipulation like flounces, frills, ruffles, and the rest to rely on.

14-How-To-Wear-Jumpsuits-Colour Blocked

Image source: Instagram

Colour Blocked Jumpsuits

If monochrome is an option that looks too serious to you, go the somewhat dissimilar direction with colour blocking. A term that refers to wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit, colour blocking usually revolves around two to three colours. Think season’s hottest colour blocking trend of deep red and blazing pink coming together. Cool, right! 

Based On Fabric


Image source: Instagram


Made from yarn or thread, the numerous designs and patterns in lace make it an excellent option for a jumpsuit, one you could don on numerous occasions and look mesmerising in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete lace jumpsuit if you don’t want one. Pick one with lace inserts used in some areas.


Anyone who has ever experienced a denim jumpsuit knows of the comfort and striking nature of the fabric. It’s rugged yet smart, casual yet uber-cool, and you can wear a jumpsuit made out of it too!


Strong and reliable, linen is particularly popular for its ability to dry faster than other fabrics as well as the fact that it is cool in summer and provides warmth in winter. Not only will a linen jumpsuit give you a smart appearance, it’s well-tailored and crisp look is something that will take you places.


A neoprene jumpsuit with high fashion elements borrowed from couture? Yes, please. Thick and cushiony, the fabric is a good choice when it comes to using it for a jumpsuit. So go the route less-taken as you shop for a neoprene jumpsuit this season. You won't be sorry, promise!

Single Jersey

We are just going to put it out there: nothing spells comfort like single jersey, the same fabric that's used in your tees! And while you may feel that it’s next to impossible to look great in a fabric like that, the case is entirely different. Besides being comfortable, the single jersey has great drapability, and you may want to check it out ASAP.

Picking Your Jumpsuit According To The Weather

We primarily experience two major seasons in India, read summer and winter. With the extreme and polar opposite seasons that the two are, you will want to fix your wardrobe accordingly, jumpsuits included.


Image source: Instagram

For Winter

Winter calls for warm layers and woolens, and while a jumpsuit may feel like an outfit that should be left alone in this particular season, there’s no one stopping you from trying it out! Opt for thick and warm fabrics and jumpsuits that incorporate layers, full sleeves and capes. In addition, you could always add an additional layer for the win in sweater weather.


Image source: Instagram

For Summer

Off-shoulder, asymmetric shoulder, cold shoulder, minimal straps, lace inserts, cut-out details, variations in necklines, and body-baring details are all welcome when it comes to picking a jumpsuit OOTD or OOTN in summer. Go all out with details and colours that you would want to flaunt.

Styling Ideas & Tips

Add Layers

Layering is one trick that never goes out of fashion, which is why you may as well try it out. Go the stylish route with billowy shrugs, chic capes, chunky cardigans or sleek waistcoats.

Define Your Waist

A jumpsuit looks best defined at the waist, especially if you are looking to create emphasis. So, add a smart statement belt or a belted bum bag on your waist.

Wear A Blazer

If you’re going from desk to dinner without a change of clothes, a blazer makes for the best outerwear. Pick a smart blazer in a solid colour, pattern or the perennial checks, and ensure that it teams well with your outfit.

Accessorising Right

Opt For A Scarf

Add a scarf or a stole to your look to add an element of interest.

Introduce A Brooch

Looking to introduce a hint of quirk to your outfit? A brooch may be the solution to all your styling woes.

Carry A Miniature Bag

A small bag may not fit in all your belongings, but will surely resolve the issue of keeping your phone and cash safe, besides adding a hint of that IT-element to your look.

Wear Sunglasses or Glares

Wearing sunglasses with your outfit makes an instant difference, one you might want to try out. Go for the trendy cat-eye sunglasses or your old-school aviators.

Do's & Don'ts

Like any other outfit, a jumpsuit has a set of pros and cons that come with it, but don’t you worry, for we have all of them listed here for you! Here’s all that you need to keep in mind while wearing the outfit in a discussion as your OOTD/OOTN.


Experiment With Styles To Find Your Pick

Choose your style before picking one and sticking to it. You might prefer a plain solid colour or a colour-blocked number; an embroidered jumpsuit or one with ruffles or lace details. The point is to find your preference, keeping in mind your body frame and personal likings, rather than being hesitant about what would work best.

Give Attention To Fit & Details

You may be wearing the trendiest and most fashionable jumpsuit there is, but a bad fit is most likely to ruin your outfit. Check for a good fit, one that’s comfortable and you can spend all day in, along with giving your attention to minute details so that your ensemble isn’t amiss.

Experiment With Shoes

As is the case with jumpsuit styles, shoes too are something you could try out. Make a selection from flats or heels, further branching out to sneakers, mules, brogues, peep-toes, and platforms, to name a few.

Give Way To Colours

There is a wide spectrum of colours to choose from for your attire. If you are someone who is inclined towards pop colours, pick from brighter tones. For anyone who wishes for a darker hue, go for the classic black, white, navy, and grey colours, which are timeless and work well every time. You may also want to try out faded pastels which are all the rage.

Cinch The Waist

Adding a belt is something that gives definition to your waist and makes for a smart appearance, especially if you are wearing a jumpsuit. As an alternative, you could always pick one with a ruched waist, but if you would rather have a jumpsuit that can be worn both with and without a belt, opt for a normal waist.


Don’t Opt For Excessively Bold Prints & Motifs

We are all for going OTT, but too bold a print might be a sore sight for the eyes. If you are in the mood for head-to-toe print, you could simply pick smaller motifs, rather than flashy and large ones. From fun floral prints to chic animal ones, be wise while making a selection.

Don’t Go Overboard With Accessories

Hey, a girl’s gotta accessorise and no one understands that better than us. But while putting together an OOTD or an OOTN, you need to maintain a balance in your look. Accessorising heavily is bound to take all the attention away from your outfit, and could end up looking overwhelming. If you’re picking something on the heavier side (think a necklace or an opulent bracelet), stick to one single, statement piece.

Don’t Pick Excessively Baggy Jumpsuits

How much baggy is too much baggy? You will find that the answer varies from person to person. And while slightly oversized silhouettes are ever-stylish, comfortable, and striking, excessively baggy jumpsuits are something you should stay away from. Too much fabric in your jumpsuit will not only keep you completely covered, but it will also make for an underwhelming appearance.

Don’t Wear The Wrong Kind Of Lingerie

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of wearing the right kind of lingerie with your jumpsuit. If you are going with a slightly sheer or translucent option, it is well-advised to wear lingerie that is not flashy or too dark-coloured. While putting together your look, also make sure that the fit of your lingerie is just right.

Don’t Force Yourself Into Buying

You may be enticed to just browse through something and order it in a jiffy, but there's no point in shopping for something that is going to sit in the back of your wardrobe for years to come. Make sure that you are perfectly fine with the outfit you have picked, and that you will wear it in the foreseeable future.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

We know how hard the struggle is between looking fashionable and being comfortable, especially at times when the two don’t go hand in hand. When in doubt, pick a comfortable look that you can carry throughout the day, without feeling trapped or feeling like a fashion victim.

Shop Products

Now that you have finally reached here, do you have an idea of which jumpsuit you want for your next outing? From casual and chic to cocktail and party, we have for you the perfect array of options. Go on then, take a look!


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