POPxo’s Diwali Collection Just Dropped And It’s All Things Bright & Beautiful!

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Oct 15, 2019
POPxo’s Diwali Collection Just Dropped And It’s All Things Bright & Beautiful!


Diwali is just around the corner, lending a festive cheer to our days. Just in time for the festival of lights, POPxo has launched its new festive collection. Our products include vibrant cushions, candles that smell oh-so-good, cheeky shot glasses for your card parties and colourful trays that you’ll want to use to nurse your hangover in bed the next day. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’re in for a surprise!

POPxo is also having a shopping festival until October 27 with up to 70% off on all products! These are perfect to give your house that cheerful vibe and also make for great presents. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your credit cards and get, set, shop!

For Your Decor-Loving Mom

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that all mothers are addicted to home decor items. And if your mom isn’t one of them then, trust me, she’ll turn into one before Diwali. This vibrant set of two cushions comes in orange and pink, and will liven up any room. The floral design adds a pop-art look, and how cute is that pom-pom detail? Not only are they bright and festive, but they’ll also make your home look LIT long after Diwali because they’re the bomb (excuse the Diwali humour)!

If You Want Your House To Look Lit *And* Smell Good

Diwali is about all things bright and beautiful, and our candles definitely fit the bill! Not only do they smell heavenly, they also have calming properties. Mud and oil diyas are a classic, but if you want to amp up your decor game, decorate with these candles. The best part? You don’t need to re-light them every hour.

If You Want Your Card Party To Stand Out

Don’t you love that friend who makes the effort to host an annual Diwali bash, complete with cards, daaru and mithai? Tell them to ditch the plastic cups and gift them our tongue-in-cheek shot glasses. Plus, they’re made of heavyweight clear glass and the print is scratch-proof, ensuring that they’ll last for many more Diwalis to come. 

For The Breakfast In Bed Lover

This is for all the lazy ones out there who basically live in their bed 24/7. This tray will not only make your breakfasts in bed more stylish, but it will also help them prevent spills — win-win! And with Diwali around the corner, it will look oh-so-festive when you serve your guests ghee-laden mithai on our vibrant tray that is the perfect fusion of desi and modern. Needless to say, this will make for a great gift for friends and family.

For The Ones Who Go All Out On Diwali

If you’re hosting a card party this Diwali, take the decor to the next level with this set of King and Queen cushions from POPxo! The detailed artwork will blow you away and the chevron background makes them look edgy. Plus, you’ll need extra cushions when your drunk friends pass out at your house after the party. *wink*

If You’re Bored Of Regular Fairy Lights

Diwali is almost upon us, and so are the LED-lit houses — it IS the festival of lights after all. But if you’re sick of the multi-coloured fairy lights, switch it up this year with our whimsical star-shaped LED lights. The best part is that you can string these lights any way you want. You can create a fairy wall and divide your room with it, frame your mirror with the lights or hang them from your door to add a whole lot of sparkle to your entrance. They also make for great mood lighting, so your home will stay cosy even after Diwali has left the building.

For Those Who Love Their Furry Friends

If you love Diwali as much as you love your furry friends, this set of a tray and coasters in a hot pink camel design will floor you! Your friends will definitely be impressed by its vibrant design.

So, how many of these products will you be adding to your cart?

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