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Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Sexting!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Sexting!

I have always been a text person; I can chat with someone for hours via messages, but two minutes into a phone call, and I start fumbling. I get anxious about what I should say next because I dread that awkward silence in a conversation.

So, I guess it was but natural that I found sexting appealing; I took to it like a fish to water. I actually got introduced to the pleasures of sexting by this guy who was my friend with benefits.

We started as friends; we would chat about random things for hours. During one such chat he started taking the conversation down another route…if you know what I mean. He started flirting first, then slowly it became a full-fledged sexting. And to my surprise I knew how to reply to him; I didn’t get stuck or scandalized.

He had this knack for turning any conversation into sexting; he could find sexual innuendos in almost every word. He was so subtle that often I wouldn’t even realize how our conversation had turned into sexting. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it! 😉

To be honest, I never felt offended or exploited by what he said in those texts. Somehow, every conversation would end up about my boobs or my butt or his thing. We never did the whole “what are you wearing?” cliche chats; ours were more specific. He would tease me, compliment me…and I would do the same to him. We shared our wildest sex fantasies, our favourite positions and also the ones we wanted to try with each other. There were no inhibitions – we could talk about anything, share our weirdest thoughts without any fear of being judged. He once told me that he had never met a girl with as wild an imagination and desires as me. LOL

There were times when we would spend the whole day sexting. Sometimes, the messaging would start the moment one of us woke up in the morning. He was an early riser, so often I would wake up to messages from him wishing I was there with him in his bed to take care of his morning wood. And on mornings when I woke up with an urge, the first thing I would do was to send him a sexy message. And thus our sexting would start.

Internal loves sexting

After a couple of months, we graduated to sending photos; at first I was a bit hesitant, but I knew I could trust him. Our thing lasted for some nine months – we just moved on after agreeing to remain friends.

I started dating Varun and I realized that I had sort of forgotten how to flirt with a guy without making it sexual. In the initial days of our dating I had to restrain myself from sexting him; I felt it was too soon to take things to that level. However, after a month or so I subtly initiated it, and guess what? Varun turned out to be a pro at it too. 😀

Let me clear up one thing here: just because I like sexting doesn’t mean that it was the only kind of conversation I had with guys I dated. In fact, I was in relationship with Varun for more than two years. There was emotional connection as well, and there were days when we would not send each other sexts.

Some of my friends say that they don’t feel comfortable about it, but for me sexting is just another way of communicating with my guy – and FYI, it works wonders for your sex life. Not only are you better in sync with each other’s desires, you also know exactly what your partner’s expectations are. And, yes, it is great foreplay as well. Sharing your intimate desires and fantasies is often the best way to strengthen the bond with your guy. And, yes, guys do like girls who are comfortable with their sexuality and are confident enough to talk about it with them.

If you are looking for some tips, all I have to say is enjoy it…don’t force yourself. A smooth, flowing conversation is what makes sexting fun and a long pause or silence often kills the mood. And, also, improvisation is the key, my friend. 😉

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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24 Jun 2016

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