My Boyfriend & My Mom Picked My Valentine’s Date Outfit And The Results Are…

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Feb 12, 2018
My Boyfriend & My Mom Picked My Valentine’s Date Outfit And The Results Are…


If you would have asked me a year ago about my Valentine’s Day plans, my reaction would probably be a grunt or a ‘don’t know, don’t care’ attitude. If you ask me what are my plans this year, it’s a complete opposite feeling. How often does it happen that both the people in a relationship actually look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day! Well, I didn’t know what it meant to feel lucky until now.

During one fine phone call, I asked my boyfriend a question that most guys don’t know the  answer to, “What should I wear to the date?” Not to my surprise, he had a very sweet response to it instead of the typical “anything babe”, with an outfit idea that I actually found quite nice, and the fashion writer in me approved of. Context – my boyfriend is a ‘t-shirt and jeans’ kind of guy who appreciates the simple things in life (but likes when I dress up for him.) I, on the other hand, like anything that is not too hobo and not too Beyonce. What he picked for me was just perfect…

1 date - cinderella happy twirl

… until my mom overheard us on the phone. She asked me what occasion I was deciding my outfit for and when I told her about my date on Valentine’s Day, to my surprise, she had ideas of her own. Context – my mom is the coolest mom EVER who would cash-in on any opportunity to doll-up her daughter.

So, I thought of adding an all the more fun spin to my V-Day plans by penning down what my boyfriend picked for the big date v/s my mom. And here’s the result…

What My Boyfriend Picked

2 date - boyfriends picked date night outfit

My boyfriend has a thing for whites. He suggested a classic black and white monochrome combination with a pair of black pumps. That’s how this crop top with an off-shoulder and high-waisted bootcut trousers came into being. He’s not a fan of make-up. So tinted lips and kohl-rimmed eyes are all I need to complete the outfit. Although I don’t know where he’s taking me but this ensemble is a failsafe for all places. Don’t you think?

Get my look with this White Layered Styled Back Top (Rs 585) by Veni Vidi Vici and Black Bootcut Trousers (Rs 1,599) by Forever 21.

What My Mom Picked

3 date - mom picket date night outfit

My mom loves me in Indian outfits and long skirts. She picked this light pink printed skirt for me with a matching crop top. Her idea? She wanted me to wear something that looks pretty but also keeps me covered and protected against the chilly weather of Delhi. Moms, right! For her, an outfit is incomplete without accessories. She gave me her set of black pearls and stud earrings to go with my heels, and a bracelet watch for a truly mom-approved date outfit!

Get a similar look by pairing this Pink Lettuce Hem Crop Top (Rs 975) with Pleated Full Length Skirt (Rs 2,015) by Shein.

While it looks like a fab ensemble for a lunch date or a party, it might be a bit much for my plain-sailing boyfriend. Nonetheless, I love them both. Which outfit do you like better? Help me pick my date night outfit by commenting your favourite look in the comment section.

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