We Asked Our Fathers To Dress Us For Work And The Results Are…

We Asked Our Fathers To Dress Us For Work And The Results Are…

What if you asked your dad to pick what you wore today? In your case, does the idea spell disaster or dazzling? Well, 9 of us from team POPxo took the challenge and asked our fathers to dress us for a day! The common perception is that dads tend to be quite protective, so do you think this affects their choice of clothes for their daughters? Read on to find out!  

1. Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

1.asked our fathers to dress us Arushi

It was a lazy Sunday morning but I kept nagging my dad to head to my closet and take out my workwear outfit for the much dreaded Monday. After complaining about my messy closet, he picked out one top and said, “Arushi, I’ve never seen you wear this top!” It was a lovely lemon yellow top with a floral print all over and he chose my fitted denims to go with it! Just by coincidence, it was a top that I was planning on wearing in the coming week, so it was like he read my mind. Though it’s not something I wear often because of the deep neck and bad fit, it’s not a complete contrast to my personality. The look was different from my quirky everyday dressing but overall it looked formal, chic and was a good change to my usual wardrobe. I was impressed at the way he understands my sense of fashion and supports it as well. I loved the look he put together and if you’re crushing on my Vero Moda top (Rs 848) as well, you can just buy it here on Jabong.

Just because he did such a good job at dressing me for work I’d like to give him a special gift like this one by Hugo Boss (Rs 5,200).

2. Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

6 asked our fathers to dress us srishti

I'm a casual dresser and my office style reflects that. I wear t-shirt dresses or tops with boyfriend jeans and sneakers to work. My father, meanwhile, is totally on the other end of the spectrum. He believes in the whole 'dress to impress' mantra. So, when I asked him to dress me for the day, he dove right into my closet and picked a complete outfit within a couple of minutes. A top, jeans and a pair of heels! He'd bought this top for me so it wasn't a surprise that he chose it. Honestly, I wasn't too averse to the clothes he'd picked. I would probably wear something like this to a Sunday brunch and not another day at office. Another thing I was sceptic about were the heels he asked me to wear. But I did enjoy the added height and might wear them again to work!

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3. Disha Dinesh, Influencer Coordinator (Plixxo)

3. asked our fathers to dress us disha

If I ever ask my dad to buy me clothes, I somehow know what to expect! He’s a fan of all things elegant and chic. He picked a white dress I got from FabIndia which is in sync with my father’s sophisticated taste. This simple outfit fetched me quite a few compliments through the day. I’m definitely not complaining.

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4. Isheeta Sharma, Junior Lifestyle Editor

4 asked our fathers to dress us Isheeta

My dad was so daunted by the amount of clothes I had in my closet that I had to lay them down on the bed for him. After mentioning a few times about how I should get mum to help out with this, he got down to some serious thinking. Putting together clothes and straightening them out to see how they will look. He finally decided on this kurta dress (which he initially thought was a shirt) with my jeans. I think he was seriously driven by the fact that the dress still had its tag intact. “You’ve never even worn this? We’ll go with it then!” he announced. Overall, it was a fun activity and I thought my outfit was fairly decent (considering it is a dress that is not supposed to be worn with jeans) and I would describe it with the two words my dad used when I finally wore it  - ‘Plain Jane’.

My dress was from Libas and the best part about it was the fact that it had pockets, just like this other pretty Libas dress (Rs 599)!

5. Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Editor

5 asked our fathers to dress us shivani

My dad has a good sense of dressing since he’s been stuck with three women in his life - my mom, my sister and I. You won’t believe but it actually took him just few seconds to pick out an outfit for me. I think I should probably ask him to do this for me often because I take hours to select clothes. He knew I love this white anarkali and so he asked me to wear it. He even picked a pair of earrings that’d go with my outfit. Initially, he wasn’t really loving the idea of dressing me up, but I must say, he actually did a good job. The only thing I’d have done differently would be wearing bellies or juttis with my outfit but he suggested that since it’s so hot, it’ll be a better idea to wear open strappy sandals.  

This all white ensemble is a wardrobe staple and you can buy yourself a similar brown and white dress (Rs 2,735) on Vajor.   

6. Manasvini Paul, Social Media Coordinator

2 asked our fathers to dress us manasvini

My dad knows that I like to cross my legs and sit while I'm working, hence he picked out the most comfortable outfit for me - black palazzos, a red tank top topped off with a grey shrug and black sneakers! This is exactly what I would wear for just another day at work. He surely believes that comfort comes first. After all, he picked exactly what I wanted to wear!

This Ether Charcoal Grey shrug ( Rs 1,359) available on Myntra, is all you need for chilly days before winter strikes!

7. Sayunkta Jain, Editorial Coordinator

7 asked our fathers to dress us sayunkta

Whites with dark solids, yup, that’s my dad’s thing. He’s not really a fan of prints. Whether it’s on me or on him. When I asked him to pick my outfit for office, he took his opportunity and he took it well! Starting with the solid white t-shirt, to my all-time favorite puffy midi skirt, down to my matching (because that’s such a dad thing) red tie-up flats, he took my outfit from basic to boss! I for one never had the guts to wear this red skirt for work because I thought it’s a little OTT. Having a bag full of compliments to back him up, I just want to thank my number one man for a day at work as wonderful as him!

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8. Lishita Jain, Influencer Coordinator, Plixxo

8 asked our fathers to dress us lishita

My father has always told me that I need for me to be comfortable in whatever I wear. He likes it when I'm not trying too hard and my clothes are in sync with my personality. He always advises me to keep it easy and simple. That's exactly how he styled me today when I asked him for his advice. And with the end result, I'm not complaining at all!

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9. Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

9 asked our fathers to dress us Manvi

The first thing that I get to hear whenever my dad goes anywhere near my closet is “How many clothes do you actually have?” So, when I asked him to pick out my outfit for work, he was elated as he thought it would give him a chance to clear out my wardrobe (and oh boy, did he!) Since my dad has an undying love for checks, he picked out a blue check cotton shirt with my favourite black jeggings. The shirt that once used to be my favourite was lying in a far corner in my closet, and daddy dearest probably saw it as a chance to bring it back to life! Blue is my favourite colour and it’s a comfy cotton shirt, so I’m really not complaining about what my father chose for me to wear!

A checked shirt is a great choice for a day at work! You can buy a gorgeous blue check cotton shirt (Rs 1,799) by Wills Lifestyle.

We love how all the dads kept in mind how their little girl would dress and picked something that is different from what they’d usually wear, but not completely out of their comfort zone.

Would you dare to take this challenge? Let us know!