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55+ Birthday Wishes For Daughter To Make Her Special

55+ Birthday Wishes For Daughter To Make Her Special

Having a daughter is a blessing, and there’s no love deeper and a bond more beautiful than the one you share with her. From the day she is born, her innocence grows on you and makes you see all the goodness in the world. While a daughter is a best friend for her mother, she is daddy’s little angel forever. 

Of course, there cannot be just one day to celebrate her, but Daughter’s Day and her birthday sure need to be extra special. So besides the gifts, today we’re here to help you with wishes and messages that you can send to your daughter on her birthday. From quotes for daughter’s birthday to messages to send to your daughter, here are 55+ wishes for you to choose from!

Birthday Wishes For Daughter

This collection of messages is designed to help you find just the right words when it comes to wishing your darling daughter on her birthday. So go ahead and save your favourite birthday wishes for daughters.

Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom

Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom
Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom

There’s nothing quite as special and unique as the bond between a mother and her daughter. From best friends to that phase where you don’t really understand each other, the dynamics keep changing. However, ultimately it develops into a bond like no other. To celebrate your daughter’s birthday, here is a list of birthday wishes for daughter from mother. Take a look! 

  • I am so proud and amazed of the woman you’ve become. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter!
  • It is an honour and a privilege to be your mother. I am so proud of you my dearest daughter. Happy Birthday!
  • When you came to this world, I fell in love. You will always be loved, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my precious daughter! You are loved, today, tomorrow and always.
  • Having you as my daughter gives me so much love, joy and pride. I love my angel. Happy Birthday!
  • I wanted to greet you a Happy Birthday on Facebook and share stories about your childhood but I didn’t want to embarrass you. So I’ll just say Happy Birthday and please accept my friend request. Please confirm it!
  • Happy Birthday to you, you are wonderful it’s true, make your bed now and take the trash out, and don’t forget the dishes too!
  • You are such a positive, charming, and an absolutely adorable daughter. I am so proud that I get to call you my daughter because no other person could ever hope to compare to you. Happy Birthday to my perfect little girl!
  • A daughter as sweet and loving as you is hard to come by, and I am so fortunate that I was blessed with a wonderful daughter like you. May your Birthday be filled with lots of presents and cake.
  • The day you were born was the greatest moment of my life. I am so grateful that I have a daughter as honest, beautiful, and intelligent as you. Happy Birthday my baby girl!
  • I am so proud that I have the privilege of calling myself your parent. You are truly a delight as a daughter. Happy Birthday to my perfect angel!
  • There are not enough words in the English language to express all that I feel towards you, daughter. If I had to, I would go with “I love you so much.” Happy Birthday to my truly loved daughter!
  • When you were a little girl, you enchanted me with your antics, but as a woman, I am stunned by your grace and love. I am so fortunate that I brought such a truly wonderful person into this world.
  • Daughter, I wish only the best for you in life. May you overcome every problem life throws your way, and may you always be confident in the face of adversity. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my daughter! I hope that your celebration is as sweet as you are.
  • To our daughter, wishing you the happiest of birthdays.
  • Happy Birthday to our kind, fun and crazy girl! We are so grateful you came into our lives!
  • Happy Birthday, daughter! May your day be as special as you are. Love from Mommy and Daddy
  • Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter! The world is a better place with you in it!

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Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Father

Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Father
Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Father

The bond between a father and a daughter is magical. For her, there’s nothing that her dearest daddy can’t do. A daughter looks up to her father just as much as she admires her mother and a father-daughter duo can actually bring the house down with all their crazy antics! To make her birthday even more memorable, here are some wishes for daughter from father.

  • May you forever sparkle and shine like the star that you are. Happy Birthday my princess!
  • I wish you a Birthday that is as beautiful, incredible and unique as you are. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • May your day be as bright as your smile and as lovely as you. Happy Birthday my daughter!
  • You are and always will be my princess as long as I live. Happy Birthday! Love, your proud dad. 
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I am one proud happy papa, to have a daughter like you! Happy Birthday to my daughter!
  • There’s this girl who stole my heart, and she calls me daddy. Happy Birthday, sweetie-pie.
  • Happy Birthday to my darling daughter! You are unbelievably precious to me, and I hope you realize that you are my everything. May your birthday be filled with splendour and love.
  • Daughter, time seems to have flown by. Just the other day you could barely stand, and now I get to watch you run the world! Watching you grow up has been such a joy, and I know that only greatness lies ahead for you. May your birthday be just as spectacular as you are.
  • Of all the presents I have ever been given in my lifetime you were the most beautiful gift I have ever received. Your presence in my life has added nothing but value and joy to it.
  • If you always strive to do your best, I know that nothing will ever hold you back in life. You are passionate and caring, and I know that you are destined for a life filled with glee and love.
  • You are such a positive and loving person, daughter. You must have gotten that from your mother! Just kidding, but please know that I am so delighted to have such a magnificent daughter.
  • Daughter, you are just like a Disney movie: you fill my life with magic, wonder, and delight. I hope you never stop wishing and dreaming because you deserve every happiness in life. Happy Birthday to my little princess!
  • At first, I wasn’t sure how to be a parent to a daughter, but now I can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include you. You fill my heart and soul with peace and love. Happy Birthday!
  • Knowing that I am loved by you is one of the best feelings in the world. You are such an exceptional daughter, and I hope your birthday brings you everything you could ever wish for.

Quotes For Daughter’s Birthday

Quotes For Daughter's Birthday
Quotes For Daughter’s Birthday

Would you rather send a thoughtful quote that summarises all your feelings in a few words? Here are some meaningful birthday quotes for daughter.

  • “A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart.” – Author Unknown
  • “A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.” – Laurel Atherton
  •  “I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.” – Louisa May Alcott
  • “A daughter is a rainbow – a curve of light through scattered mist that lifts the spirit with her prismatic presence. A daughter is a promise, kept.” – Ellen Hopkins
  • “My daughter is my greatest inspiration.” – Whitney Houston
  • “I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and I’m grateful for her.” – Bethany Frankel
  • “A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.” – Author Unknown
  • “Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” – Clementine Paddleford

Birthday Messages For Daughter

Birthday Messages For Daughter
Birthday Messages For Daughter

Scroll down for a list of birthday messages for your daughter

  • Daughter, you have grown into such an amazing woman. You must have gotten that from me! Thank you for making it so easy to be proud of you. Happy Birthday, my angel!
  • You renew my faith in the world because any world that has as incredible a person as you in it is one that can only be good. You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope you feel surrounded by love and warmth on your birthday.
  • You are the kind of person who radiates kindness and warmth. You light up the world around you, and you continually dazzle me with your love. May your birthday sparkle just as much as you do.
  • I wish you unlimited happiness and joy in your life because whenever you are unhappy, it just breaks my heart. Know that I am always here if you need me. Happy Birthday!
  • A daughter is God’s way of saying, ‘I thought you could use a lifelong friend’. Thank you for being mine. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • Before you were born, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I know exactly what to expect: to give more than I ever have, to care more than I ever did, and to love more than I have ever thought possible.
  • When my world feels dark, you are a ray of sunshine. Thank you for always being such a bright and shining person. May your special day be just as brilliant as you are.
  • You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and more loved than you’ll ever know.
  • A daughter is God’s way of saying “Thought you could use a lifelong friend.
  • I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you ~ Louisa May Alcott
  • My daughter is my greatest inspiration ~ Whitney Houston
  • Lucky is the Woman whose first child is a daughter ~ Prophet Mohammed

WhatsApp Status For Daughter’s Birthday

WhatsApp Status For Daughter's Birthday
WhatsApp Status For Daughter’s Birthday

Thinking about how to wish your daughter on social media? Here are some messages that you can put as your WhatsApp status.

  • Dear, you are my strength, life and an endless source of my happiness. Happy Birthday, cutie pie!
  • Happy Birthday to my honey bun. I wish you to live the happiest life and never stop dreaming! Happy Birthday!
  • On your special day, my princess, I‘d like to wish you the entire happiness that can be in this world!
  • On your special day, I wish you strength and determination to achieve all your goals and touch the stars! Wishing you lots of fun on your special day, doll!
  • You give meaning to my life. When you came into my life, everything around became more colourful and cheerful. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!!
  • May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by his presence in your life, and always follow his guiding light. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year to come. 
  • I wish you wealth, good health, joy and happiness on your birthday. Have a wonderful day, my daughter.
  • I can’t keep calm, it’s my daughter’s Birthday! Wish you a lifetime of happiness, my doll!
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. May your day be full of sunshine, rainbows, laughter, and fun!
  • May this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile, and endless opportunities to make you happier! My girl, you were born to be a star! Happy Birthday!
  • To my little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday! Keep chasing your dreams and spreading happiness. We love you!
  • Today you’re a little bit older and a lot more fabulous. Happy Birthday, daughter!
  • To an amazing daughter who has touched our lives in so many ways – you deserve all the joy, love and happiness that the world has to offer on your birthday.
  • We hope you liked these heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter. But remember, she is expecting a gift too! 

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