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20 Awesome Photo Captions For Your Special *Birthday* Picture!

20 Awesome Photo Captions For Your Special *Birthday* Picture!

We believe that birthdays are one of the BEST things in this big bad world! It’s that one day in every year when people try to show you how special you really are and it’s always worth it, isn’t it? No matter how pessimistic you might be, you end up smiling on your birthday. Well, we’ve got 20 birthday photo captions for all the Instagram posts that will follow your special day!

When you’re getting ready for some #Adulting

1. Well, at least I am not as old as I will be next year! Happy birthday to me!

2. Of course, I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this age before!

3. You’re never too old to be young! - Snow White (Yes, I just quoted Snow White #ForeverYoung)

4. Age is just a hashtag for me!

5. I didn’t get older, I just got better! *wink*

5 birthday photo captions - birthday girl

When your besties make your day!

6. Shoutout to the crazy peeps who keep me sane, birthday or no birthday!

7. Friends who slay together, stay together!

8. I live for the nights I won’t remember with the people I won’t forget!

9. Don’t know about life but my birthday selfie gang is always on point!

10. We didn’t realize we were making memories, we were just having fun.

10 birthday photo captions - girls partying

When you’re getting down to some partying!

11. Let the birthday evening be-GIN!

12. There is no place like a birthday party!

13. She is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne!

14. Cheers and beers to my *insert age* years!

15. To the birthday night that was absolutely ‘pitcher’ perfect!

15 birthday photo captions - party time

When you’re just a plain ol’ sass queen!

16. I finally have a legit excuse to eat cake, woo-hoo!

17. I’m making today a glitter filled bag of rainbows and unicorn fart! #BirthdayOn

18. I’d like to thank Red Bull, Google and vodka nights for getting me as far as today.

19. The only things getting LIT today are the candles on my cake!

20. I didn’t choose the birthday life, the birthday life chose me!

20 birthday photo captions - selena gomez birthday

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Published on Jun 21, 2017
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