Daughters Day 2020: 50 Quotes, Wishes & Messages To Celebrate Your Precious One

Daughters Day 2020: 50 Quotes, Wishes & Messages To Celebrate Your Precious One

From the moment you hold your little one in your hands to see her growing into a confident, courageous woman, there is a certain joy about raising a daughter that can hardly be put in words. For daughters truly are a miracle and raising a daughter is like raising a million dreams, a million hopes, and a million joys.  

Observed on the fourth Sunday of September, the International Daughter’s Day found its impetus in India as a means of celebrating the girl child. Daughter’s Day 2020 falls on September 27th and we are sure that you can hardly wait for the day, to celebrate your daughter for the miracle that she is, and express all that to her. But if you don't really have a way with words, fret not for we have curated 50 Daughter’s Day messages especially for you. Scroll through:

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    Daughter’s Day Quotes

    Here are 20 Happy Daughter’s Day quotes to keep you covered for Daughter’s Day 2020:

    Daughter’s Day Quotes From Mother


    A daughter is a joy unlike any other for a mom for she sees herself in the light one. Here are 10 Daughter’s Day quotes from mothers that’ll help you express all that you feel about your daughter:

    1. “We mothers are learning to mark our mothering success by our daughters’ lengthening flight.” – Letty Cottin Pogrebin
    2. “In my life, you are the sun that never fades and the moon that never wanes.” – Unknown
    3. “A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.”
    4. “My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.” – Denise Van Outen
    5. “For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.” – Unknown
    6. “The older I get, the more I see the power of that young woman, my mother.” – Sharon Olds
    7. “There were times when…I didn’t have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend. Always.” – Taylor Swift
    8. “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” – Caitlin Houston
    9. “A mother is the only person in the world, who can turn a daughter’s worries and fears into happiness.” – Unknown
    10. “A daughter is God’s way of saying, ‘thought you could use a lifelong friend.’” - Unknown

    Daughter’s Day Quotes From Father


    No matter who you are, that's bound to change once you become a dad to a daughter for they have a way of opening your hearts like nothing and no one else can. Tell your daughter just how special she is with these 10 Daughter’s Day quotes from fathers:

    1. “My highest hope for her is just that she has the fearlessness to always be her authentic self, no matter what she thinks men want her to be.” – Channing Tatum
    2. “I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one. My reason for life.” – Ian McEwan
    3. “There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy.”  – Unknown
    4. “This relationship has something special about it, that makes every father and every daughter in the world speak warmly about it.” – Unknown
    5. “Ordinary father-daughter love had a charge to it that generally was both permitted and indulged. There was just something so beautiful about the big father complementing the tiny girl. Bigness and tininess together at last—yet the bigness would never hurt the tininess! It respected it. In a world in which big always crushes tiny, you wanted to cry at the beauty of big being kind of and worshipful of and being humbled by tiny. You couldn’t help but think of your own father as you saw your little girl with hers.” – Meg Wolitze
    6. “There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself.” – John Gregory Brown
    7. “A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.” – Unknown
    8. “When my daughter says ‘Daddy I need you!’ I wonder if she has any idea that I need her billion times more.” – Stanley Behrman
    9. “One of the greatest things about daughters is how they adored you when they were little; how they rushed into your arms with electric delight and demanded that you watch everything they do and listen to everything they say. Those memories will help you through less joyous times when their adoration is replaced by embarrassment or annoyance and they don’t want you to see what they are doing or hear what they are saying. And yet, you will adore your daughter every day of her life, hoping to be valued again, but realizing how fortunate you were even if you only get what you already got.” – Michael Josephson
    10. “Having a daughter makes you see things in a different way. This is my only girl. So I don’t care what it takes to protect her. You can call it what you want to call it. As long as you treat her the same way I treat her, like my princess, I don’t mind.” – Tracy Morgan

    Daughter’s Day Wishes

    Seize the occasion this Daughter’s Day to tell your daughter all that you feel about her and all that you aspire for the amazing woman that she is turning into. Here are some Daughter’s Day wishes that’ll help you with the task:

    daughters day wishes and images

    Daughter's Day Wishes From Mother


    Scroll through for Daughter’s Day wishes from mothers to their amazing daughters: 

    1. To my daughter. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be. Happy Daughter’s Day Darling! 
    2. It’s a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can’t be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken, a life long friendship built on sharing, hugs and kisses, warmth and caring, mother and daughter their hearts as one. A link that can never be undone.
    3. I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps. I want them to take the path next to me and go further than I could have ever dreamt possible.” Happy Daughter’s day my darling. You have truly been a blessing.
    4. A daughter is God’s way of saying “thought you could use a lifelong friend”. Thanks for being that treasured friend my darling.
    5. The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Thanks for lighting my life my precious jewel. A very happy Daughter’s Day to you."
    6. A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. Happy Daughter’s Day my precious!
    7. By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong. And if I were honest, I cherish that about you more than anything else in the world. Happy Daughter’s Day my darling. 
    8. To my beautiful daughter, always remember: you are brave, you are capable, you are pretty, and you can accomplish ANYTHING your heart desires! I know this because I am your mother.” Happy Daughter’s Day darling! You have truly been a blessing!
    9. A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous…full of beauty and forever beautiful…loving and caring and truly amazing.” Happy Daughter's Day my little miracle!
    10. What sunshine is to flowers, and tides are to the sea, is nowhere as important you’re being in my life is to me.” I love you darling, Happy Daughter’s Day!

    Daughter's Day Wishes From Father


    Scroll through for Daughter’s Day wishes from amazing dads to amazing daughters:

    1. “I could never love anyone the way I love you, I used to tell my wife. And then the second I looked in that baby’s eyes, in that exact moment, that if we were ever under attack, I would use my wife as a human shield to protect that baby.” – Ryan Reynolds
    2. By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong. And if I were honest, I cherish that about you more than anything else in the world. Happy Daughter’s Day my darling. 
    3. To my daughter. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be.” For you are turning into one hell of a woman and it wouldn’t want it happy other way. Happy Daughter’s Day!
    4. Since I’ve heard your first scream and saw your wonderful eyes, my heart has been stolen. And it was the prettiest thief I’ve ever seen. You, my precious, would always be the most beautiful thing in the world. Happy Daughter’s Day!
    5. You are such a beautiful girl, and I’m so proud of the incredible way that you are growing up. Even at such a young age, you are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, and courage. Happy Daughter’s Day darling!
    6. Find it within you to love exactly who you are and to know you’re capable, you’re loved and you’re beautiful. The world is a better place, because of you. You are unique because there is only ONE of you.” Happy Daughter’s Day my darling, you will always be my pride!
    7. The day you came into this world was the day that my life was forever changed. I never thought it was possible to feel so many different emotions all at the same time. One look at your beautiful face and I felt overjoyed, incredulous, blessed, relieved, exhausted, and utterly terrified.”  You have truly been a blessing my darling. Happy Daughter’s Day!
    8. You don’t know what unconditional love is. You may say you do, but if you don’t have a child, you don’t know what that is. But when you experience it, it is the most fulfilling ever. Happy Daughter’s Day for making me experience what unconditional love is. 
    9. There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy. No matter how much you grow up, you’ll always be my little girl. Happy Daughter’s Day little one!
    10. From the moment they placed you in my arms, you snuggled right into my heart. Happy Daughter’s Day! 


    Daughter’s Day Messages

    Basking in the joys of parenthood? Here are 10 Daughter’s Day messages to share with everyone this Daughter’s Day: 

    1. A little girl giggles when she is denied an ice-cream by her mother. She knows daddy will get her some later.
    2. Mother and daughter never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart.
    3. Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.
    4. The world will try hard to dismantle any positive messages we give our daughters. So it's important our messages boost their self-esteem, self-image, and self-respect as much as possible.
    5. Sometimes when I feel so down and out, I only need to look at you and be reminded that you are my miracle. I love you, baby girl.
    6. Tell her every day she is smart and capable and lift her up...Don’t underestimate the power of day-to-day motivation and inspiration in a girl’s life.
    7. She stands firmly on her own two feet and I just behind her; should she ever need me.
    8. Teach your daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.
    9. We must teach our girls that if they speak their mind, they can create the world they want to see.
    10. We have to be the women we want our daughters to be. 

    A very happy Daughter's Day 2020 to you all!

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