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6 Super Cute Ways To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday While Being Quarantined!

6 Super Cute Ways To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday While Being Quarantined!

If there’s one thing that we all will agree to, it is that the year 2020 hasn’t been off to a great start. With the coronavirus cases increasing by the day, there is panic across the world. As COVID-19 lockdown in India enters Day 14, there are already 4500+ positive cases in the country. While being quarantined is the need of the hour, it is a tad bit worse for people born in March and April. Don’t you think? Well, celebrating one’s birthday while being away from your squad is not something anyone would want. So, if you know someone who is approaching his/her quarantined birthday, then here are some ways you can make their day special while being locked up at home.

With a hope that this finds a way to all the right people, here are six ways you can make the day special for your partner even in a lockdown situation.

1. Organise A Virtual Party


With online applications like Zoom and House Party, organising a virtual birthday party won’t be much of a task. Trust us, if your partner is a social person and misses his/her friends too much during this self-isolation period, bringing their friends together would be the perfect kind of surprise for them.

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2. A Grand Gesture, May Be

Do you remember the woman from Southern California who managed to surprise her fiancé by convincing all their neighbours to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for him at the same time? Well, we are totally in awe of this grand gesture and if you think about it, it can be pulled off while you’re stuck at home. All you have to do is call all your immediate neighbours and convince them to do this for you. If you succeed, this will be something your partner will cherish for their entire life.

3. What About Baking A Cake Together?


Believe it or not, this is another wonderful way to spend time together and have some fun. If you’re planning on baking a cake for your partner, involve him/her in the process. After baking the special treat, you can also cook your partner’s favourite meal together! Not only this can be therapeutic in such times, your partner will also feel special and that’s the whole point, anyway!

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4. Serve Them A Hearty Breakfast In Bed

How about serving his/her favourite breakfast in bed on their birthday? Well, personally I’ve always loved my morning tea and breakfast in bed. So, try and make a hearty breakfast while your partner is asleep and serve it in bed. We bet, your partner will love it.

5. Make A Fab Birthday Movie

Yes, we know it’s a little old school but it still has its charm, trust us! Ask your partner’s friends and extended family to record a cute video message for them for their birthday and make a fabulous birthday movie out of it. Not only your partner will love it, but they will also appreciate the effort you made.

6. A Movie Marathon


If you’re the kind of couple who likes to cuddle up, drink their wine and watch endless movies throughout the day, then you’ve gotta plan a movie night for your partner. Organise a movie night at home with a basket of popcorn and some snacks with a bottle of your partner’s favourite wine and voila! 

So, which one are you gonna pick!?

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