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Do Me A Favour, Let’s Slay Holi With These Nail Art Designs

Do Me A Favour, Let’s Slay Holi With These Nail Art Designs

Whether or not you’re one to get down and dirty for Holi, you should let your nails be festive! The best part about getting your nails done is you can do literally anything and let your imagination run wild. This year, make the world your oyster and experiment with different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and patterns. We have round up the most eye-catching, chic and colourful set of nails you could possibly have so save them right away.

Nail Inspiration For Holi

Daisy Me Rollin’

Skittle nails have been on-trend for a while now and Holi is the best time to try ’em out. If you’re playing, then they’re opaque and won’t let your natural nails get stained with gulaal and if you aren’t, they’re a fun tribute to the festival.


Popsicle Time

Let your fun side come out to play with these colourful swirly nails. The base coat works brilliantly with the pop of colour.

Think Pink

If you are as obsessed with pink tones as we are, this is the set for you. A rosy pink base with magenta tips, these nails will take your look to the next level.


Taste The Rainbow

Can’t decide on what colour to get your nails? Maybe you don’t have to. Enjoy the perks of a colourful manicure on one hand and a squiggly manicure on the other. Your basic white outfit will get a fun upgrade.

If Holi Was Nail Art It Would Be This

This design speaks for itself, it is a work of art.


Look Spot On

Opt for a minimalist yet colourful vibe with these funky nails.

Geometrical Nail Art

This is a design you could have so much fun experimenting with. With random lines skillfully slashed across the nail, you could try it DIY style at home!


Rainbow Floral Action

Looking for an elegant yet festive look that you can keep post-Holi? These floral, rainbow nails are superb for spring.

A Little Funky Manicure Never Hurt Nobody

Love a classic French mani? This one comes with a fun Holi twist. It’s bright yet understated so it’ll look dreamy on your hands.


Flower Power

Take a chance on these colourful flowers that you can get done in literally any colour. They are low-key yet a statement by themselves.

And for those of you who love DIY manicures, here are some nail lacquers you can buy:


What are you still doing here? Head to your go-to nail salon and try out one of these unique nails to celebrate our first proper Holi since the pandemic hit and dulled down our lives! Use your nails to brighten up your days!

Featured Image: Instagram

17 Mar 2022
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