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7 Sensual Places Where Most Men Love To Be Touched

7 Sensual Places Where Most Men Love To Be Touched

If you want to make your man moan with pleasure in bed, you have to know where to touch him. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not only women who like to be caressed – men love it too. Follow it up with a few wet kisses and a little bit of tongue action and you’ll send him to destination paradise. To learn more about his pleasure spots, here are 9 places to touch your hot hunk and HOW.

1. Behind His Ears


Don’t just suck and nibble on his earlobes, gently play with them too. We bet he won’t be able to resist your touch! While you’re at it, don’t forget to talk dirty to him in a slightly husky tone. He’ll be mind-blown!

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2. Feel His Inner thighs

Just below his crotch area, you’ll find his sensitive zone, his thighs. Kissing and running your fingers around that area will send the guy into a happy trance. Also, don’t forget his love handles. Hold on to them and gently make your way to his buttocks. Give them a soft squeeze.

3. On His Neck


Remember, his neck is extremely sensitive. Gently rubbing your lips and planting soft kisses all over his neck is bound to make him horny. Breathing heavily on the area is also just another way of telling him how bad you want him.

4. Press His Palm

Hand-holding is cute, but passionately pressing his palm and Interlocking your fingers with his while you kiss him slowly is bound to raise the temperature between the sheets! And of course, bring you guys closer.

5. Just Below His Lips


You don’t have to touch his lips to make him desire your body. Below the lips is what you should aim for. Team it up with a nibble on the chin. Trust us, it drives men crazy!

6. His Penis Wants Love

There’s a huge difference between a handjob and playfully touching his penis. Stroking it upward and moving your hand from tip to bottom will make him moan in the most pleasurable way possible.

7. Nipple Heaven


You’d be shocked to know that his nipples are as sensitive as yours. On and off, he too likes it when you touch, lick and suck them. Whatever you do, make sure that you do it super slowly. Make intense eye contact while you’re at it *Wink*

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