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Tea Secrets: How the right cuppa can change your life!

Tea has been a hot trend every few years — passing in waves through Asia, South East Asia, to Europe, parts of North Africa and on to the US. Over the years, we’ve discovered a host of benefits, and tea has become part of cosmetics, healthcare products as well as given rise to beautifully packaged and presented beverage. People’s fascination for tea has lead to the discovery and development of new types,  each boasting a different taste and health benefit, too. Here are 5 of of our absolute favourites that you should definitely try!

There’s a lot more to tea than its refreshing flavour! It speeds up metabolism, keeps your mind calm, maintains heart rate, hydrates your body, fights diseases and affects the mood. We give you the health benefits of 5 kinds of popular tea. Brew yourself a cuppa today!

1. Go the Green Tea If You’re Health-Conscious

5 kinds of tea - green

It was not very popular in India until a few years ago, but has slowly made its way into every kitchen today. As a drink, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for the body. It is known to promote healthy cell growth, clear skin texture, decrease risk of diabetes, lift your mood and improve brain function. So, if you want to shift to a healthier lifestyle, give green tea a shot!a shot!

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2. Make Yourself Some Hot Black Tea

5 kinds of tea - black

Black tea is made out of fermented leaves of the tea bush. Compared to other types of teas, black tea has the most amount of caffeine in it and thus makes people feel more alert. The tea helps with weight loss and combats to a small extent damage caused to the system by other toxins as it is loaded with antioxidants. Regular drinkers have also been observed to be at lower risk of diabetes and heart disease. Go on, make yourself a cuppa!

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3. A Cup Full of White Goodness

5 kinds of tea - white

White tea leaves are the least processed and have very high levels of antioxidants in it. Some experts also consider it to be the most beneficial drink for health. It lowers blood pressure, helps combat cholesterol, strengthens bones and provides nourishment for teeth and skin. It is truly indeed the purest form of all teas!

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Black Tea Benefits For Hair

4. A Long Sip of Oolong Tea

5 kinds of tea - oolong

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. It is semi-fermented and has a distinct flavour to it. It is extremely popular in restaurants in China and Taiwan. Because of its caffeine content, it is helpful for an energy boost, and also helps the body fight signs of ageing, reduces risk of heart attacks and is a brilliant drink for your skin and bones. Rather than buying sachets, try brewing your own at home.

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5. Pu-erh Tea for the Fitness Freak

5 kinds of tea - pu-erh

A medicinal form of tea, this one is great for mainly fighting heart diseases. Very few people know of its benefits. It keeps your sugar levels balanced, improves blood circulation, aids in weight loss and is known to boost immunity. If you are constantly dealing with health issues, you should give this a shot right away! But we warned that you shouldn’t be drinking too much of it every day either.

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06 May 2016

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