#POPxoLucky2020: What Your Sex Life Will Be Like In 2020, Based On Your Zodiac!

#POPxoLucky2020: What Your Sex Life Will Be Like In 2020, Based On Your Zodiac!

This year was a mixed bag of emotions. 2019 has been enlightening and how. But now that we’re in the last month of the year and gearing up for the next, we’re finally excited to put everything behind us and look forward to ‘new year, new me’. But what will surely increase your anticipation for 2020 is if you had the slightest idea about what's in store for you, sex life included. ‘Coz let’s be honest, now that we’re enlightened, empowered and self-aware, we can’t wait to go out and explore the darker and more thrilling side of ourselves and our partners.

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Are you ready?

Apna Time Aa Gaya, Aries!

Good news for all you Arians! 2020 is going to be your year when it comes to love and sex with no dhokha! The single rams are in for a ride of their lives as they will be partying up the town (and shaking beds) before finding the person of your dreams mid-year. This person is going to give you all you ever wanted and needed, toe-curling orgasms included.

For you coupled ones, you’ll be taking your relationship to the next level this year with some serious commitment and bucket loads of sex. Maybe, it’s a good idea to get some new positions and toys in there before things get a little routine. Think about it! *wink*

Taurus, Be A Little Touchy

Hello bull babies! 2020 is all about you and your relationship with yourself irrespective of whether you’re single or not! Your focus needs to be on yourself this year so light up a few scented candles, put on some mood music (or porn, whatever works for you) and give those fingers a little exercise. Only when you truly know yourself, sexually, will you be able to enjoy yourself with a partner. Otherwise, how are you going to tell him where exactly your clitoris is?

Also, just letting you know, 2020 is going to be filled with passion. Now it’s up to you to decide who you’re going to share it with!

Get It, Gemini!

Sexually, you’re one of the luckiest signs of 2020, dear Gemini. Yay! If you’re with your special someone and have lately been feeling that the spark is fading (something you need a lot of), don’t worry. 2020 is going to breathe a new life into your sex life, one that will have you ooh-ing and aah-ing with unimaginable pleasure.

The single ones will have the opportunity to find the ones they will be sharing their future (climaxes) with but it's up to them to take the risk of giving away their hearts.

Confidence Is The Key, Cancer

As we said, the only way to nail 2020 is to be self-confident. While you'll be seeing some major relationship milestones this year, it's time to stop doubting yourself and trust that you know what you're doing, in bed and otherwise. However, if you aren't sure you're doing the right thing, sit down with your partner and discuss with them. They'll guide you and tell you what's the best way that works for both and you can take it from there.

Also, it'll help if you're focussed a little less on yourself in the second half of the year. Giving is just as pleasurable as getting, Cancerians.  


Roaring Year Ahead For Leos

Lions, get yourself out of the rut and be your proud majestic self. That's who you really truly are, isn't it? So why are you confining yourself to certain roles and rules that don't make you really, truly happy? Are you into something that excites you sexually? Then this is the year to explore and find out what truly makes you happy in bed. You don't have to be scared about expressing yourself to your partner, they'll understand and appreciate you. 

While we're talking about secret fantasies, it's possible that you might want to venture outside your serious relationship and explore people other than your partner. Cheating isn't the best look on you, my dear lion, so think twice about it!

You're The Star, Virgo

There's nothing remotely 'virgin' about this year, dear Virgo. No matter where you go, you'll be the star of the show. In fact, your partner will be both enamoured and irritated with this charm. Giving them more and more of you (and climaxes) will keep them happy and satisfied. 

But if you're single, oh my god, are you in for a ride! You'll be attracting suitors and sexual partners with a speed that you won't be able to keep up with. By the end of the year, all you'll be wishing for is a break from all that sex and attention. But don't let the party stop. Meeting new people is how you will end up meeting the love of your life.


Look Before You Leap, Libra

If there is one sign that just cannot be alone, it is you Libra. Love lights up your life and you look forward to everything that comes with it, physical touch included. That's what you'll be looking forward to this year - lots and lots of physical touches.

However single Librans, let me warn you. Don't be too hasty in getting intimate with just about anyone because your desires may leave you unsatisfied in the end. Take your time before you let them take you to bed, whether it is a serious suitor or just a casual relationship.  

Think About Your Partner, Scorpio

You're out to sting this year, Scorpio. It's going to be a year of extremes this year. Either you'll be getting your dirty on and doing unspeakable deeds to your partner or you'll be a recluse, unwilling to interact with anyone. We really can't figure out which one it'll be but we know that neither of the options is healthy. You need to not be too harsh on your partner or force them to do things they're not willing to. You may like it rough but not everyone does and not everyone is comfortable with it.


Swipe Right For Sagittarius

It's time to come out of your self-imposed celibacy, dear Saggitarius. You're an archer so shoot those arrows of love if you're looking for a partner. 2020 is a year of partnerships. Swipe right on dating apps as much as you want and hook-up at clubs. This is the year for you to figure out who you want to end up with and there is a high possibility you might run into somebody special. Who said casual hook-ups can't turn into serious and long-lasting relationships? That's how I met my boyfriend. *wink*

Let Loose, Capricorn

For the longest time, you've been viewing relationships as a waste of time and concentrating on work. But something has gotta give after a point of time. You're a human and sexual release isn't a luxury, it's something you need. So quit your 'I'm above sex' attitude and get with it, girl! We all know that you're secretly a freak and let that side of you come out. Explore what the world has to offer and who knows, maybe you'll find out that you enjoy and love coitus more than you imagine. Get back to us when you've explored your wild side 'coz we can't wait to hear those stories!

Patience Will Be Rewarding For Aquarius

Listen up, try not to let this year get under your skin. Sure you'll be having great sex and connecting with people on an emotional level, but the real difficulty will be finding people you find worthy of giving or getting an orgasm from. You have certain things you demand from a partner, even in a casual relationship. In fact, you're the last person we expect to hook-up with someone unless you know they're vibing on the same level. So, be patient. The fruit of your wait will be sweet just like the kisses you'll be sharing. 

Pisces Is In For A Ride

Pisceans are die-hard romantics and they rarely have a wild bone in their body. Sex isn't just sex, it's an erotic act of expressing their love and affection for their partner. And all your desires will be fulfilled in the first half of the year. If single, you'll find yourself a new partner or rediscover the spark in your relationship. Tbh, the sex is going to mind-blowing. However, it's the second half that will prove to be a challenge. Your professional life will push all your desires to the backseat, leaving you a little frustrated all the time.


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