Shhh... Dheere Dheere: 7 Super Quiet Sex Positions If You Have A Roommate

Shhh... Dheere Dheere: 7 Super Quiet Sex Positions If You Have A Roommate

Sharing a tiny apartment with a roommate can be a buzzkill sometimes. Imagine you're having your bae come over to 'catch up', and the three of you have to share the space. Sex, in these situations, can be tricky. You get in the mood, want to get frisky together but your roommate is right there and knows what's going on under the sheets. Even if they're cool enough to plug in and watch a film on Netflix or blast some mind-nubbing music to silence everything out, you still don't want to inconvenience them in any way possible.

I get the problem, really. Take it from a girl who has lived in a shoebox-sized, Mumbai apartment with a roommate. Muffling moans, light spanks, and quickies are perhaps all you can manage, and that's frustrating. Also, if you think your roommate is asleep, they're probably just pretending. They're always pretending. So, what do you do? You get inventive!

However, before you get excited, make sure your roommate is okay with your plans to have your partner over. You wouldn't want them to feel uncomfortable and you shouldn't intrude their private space.


So, here are 7 sex positions to try out if you can't keep your hands off each other even though you don't have a private space.

Don't worry, not being able to scream out in ecstasy doesn't kill the fun. In fact, sometimes it can be very exciting to kill the theatrics and feel all the tingling sensations clearly. Eye contact is deeper, hand holding is tighter and you feel closer to each other.

Missionary Under The Sheets

Try a quiet missionary with your partner, so that too much thrusting doesn't make the bed creak. Make sure you're on top so that you can control the speed and can grind yourself in circular motions instead of it being a high power ram. Keep it sexy and intimate and focus on the slow movement of sex rather than aiming to reach the end goal.

Swoon And Spoon

Spoon with your partner and take turns being the bigger and smaller spoon. Use a sex toy or your own hands to play with your partner's nether regions or ask them to play with your clit, stimulating it to a place of no return. Let him mimic what he would do to with his tongue using just his fingers while also whispering sexy things into your ear. Trust me, you'll be biting your tongue to control yourself from screaming.


Silence The Headboard

Let's say your flatmate has her own room but you have a noisy headboard that keeps banging on the wall, then you can either move the bed or figure a sex position that'll keep everything on the DL. Let him sit on the edge of the bed and you can wrap yourself around him either facing him or facing the front. Grind and impale yourself on his pole slowly and sensually, making sure the movement and noise is as low as it can be. Hold on to his thighs for balance and bounce up and down. Use your hand to stimulate your clit from the front for added pleasure. 

Mutual Fun And Masturbation

The most trustworthy position if you want to keep everything hushed is mutual masturbation. Practice your poker faces and lie down nonchalantly next to each other. You can then rub and pleasure each other together under the sheets. So while you may look like you're just lying down innocently, you're being secretly naughty.

Hide And Go Seek

Lie down on the floor or squat together behind a sofa and hide from your roommate. Lube up yourself and your partner so that he can slide in without it hurting you and then slowly bounce up and down. The good thing about the floor is that there isn't a creaking bed or noisy springs to draw too much attention. Make sure to keep a pillow handy to get back support, you don't want your partner to have an ache through the day, right?


Good Old 69 Under The Blanket

Sneakily put the sheets all over you and your partner and 69. It's pretty obvious that both of you will be quiet because your mouths are otherwise occupied. But if you think you can't manage this, then try oral one by one. Let him slide down there and pleasure you hard and fast and then you can do the same. Nothing is visible and you're still having fun.

Fast You're On A Timer

This is probably the only time you'll tell your partner to hurry up and finish. If your roomie has gone out for a quick errand outside, get off the bed, crouch over the bed and make try half-standing doggy with him. This way, he will reach high up and get you to orgasm hard and fast. Rub your clit and play with your nipples for added stimulation to get there quicker. It's not always about how long he lasts, it's also technique.

A good ground rule to have is that you don't want to make your roommate uncomfortable because it's also her space and her privacy that you're breaching. If you think she would feel uneasy about something, there's always the bathroom to get naughty in. 


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