5 Things That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood & No, None Of Them Are Coffee

5 Things That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood & No, None Of Them Are Coffee

A difficult day can be like a perfect storm - one thing goes wrong and suddenly everything falls apart. Deadlines, an argument with your boss, stepping into a gum early in the morning or being upset because of the untrained drivers on the road are enough to make you reach out for a huge dose of caffeine. However, coffee can't be your mood-lifter-buddy all the time. Even though bad days don't come with a warning sign, there are a few scientifically-proven ways to fix your mood, instantly.  

1. Time to give aroma therapy its share of importance

Three deep breaths everyone... Yes, some scents do have the ability to lift up your mood instantly. All thanks to the chemical releases we weren't taught about in chemistry class. The two scents you need to be thinking about right now are vanilla and orange blossom.

Vanilla is a relaxing scent. It reduces anxiety and stress. As per the study conducted by a journal Chemical Senses, vanilla beans are uplifting. So buy a vanilla perfume, light a scented candle or smell a vanilla pastry, whatever's more approachable, do it. 

Did you know men all over the universe love the scents that have orange blossom? It's because the citrusy-sweet orange scent is ideal for instant happiness. It's positive and arousing. So if you eat clementine or smell the perfume with clementine in it, it'll start comforting your mood immediately resulting in a happy YOU.  

For me, the scent of POPxo's Vanilla Scented Square Pillar Candle (Rs. 599) has worked like a charm. It has the right amount of blend when it comes to the fragrance and wax. Not too less, not too overpowering.

5 Things That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood   No It's NOT Coffee - aromatherapy

2. Eat For Pleasure

No, I don't mean order lots of food and desserts. I mean eat the foods that can relax your hormones. The idea is not to fill your tummy but to relax your muscles and hormones.  

Eating bits of chocolate does make you feel happy and satisfied. But you can also chew a piece of gum. As per a study in 2009, chewing gum alleviates negative mood and reduce cortisol which balances the hold of sugar, salt and inflammation in the body. 

3. Embrace the Greens 

It's not for no reason that nature has added green in our lives in the form of trees and vegetables. Green is a powerful colour. It symbolises happiness. It improves your health and mood. To experience the instant benefits of it, you can take a walk in green areas with some sunlight, turn your laptop screen green, eat a green salad, wear something green or buy it.

The last time I felt low, I bought POPxo's Green Apple Scented Candle (Rs. 299) and kept it by my laptop. It smells fruity and positive. And I also bought Green Nimbu Mirchi Cushion Cover (Rs. 799) for my office chair. It's so fun. 

3 Things That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood   No It's NOT Coffee - walk

4. Declutter

The more mess you see, the more messed up you'll feel. Clutter elevates stress level but organising and tidying up things around you can calm you down. You can clean your kitchen, office desk, room or go for the entire house. Decluttering your environment will make you feel better about the day. It's a tried and tested method.   

5. Hug Hug Hug...

5 Things That Will Instantly Put You In A Better Mood   No It's NOT Coffee - hug

A 20-second hug can reduce the harmful physical effects of stress including your blood pressure and heart rate. A hug also reduces the feeling of loneliness, increases self-esteem and defuses tension. It keeps your heart healthy and calms you instantly. And if you are not sure whom can you hug so frequently, just buy Gratitude Cushion Cover (Rs. 499) and Chill Pills Cushion Cover (Rs. 499) for your office cushion. Hugging the cushions with beautiful and calming messages will also comfort you. 

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