9 Surprising Reasons Why Having Sex Every Day Is Good For You!

9 Surprising Reasons Why Having Sex Every Day Is Good For You!

Having sex is an incredible feeling, isn’t it? It puts you in a great mood, you feel invincible and you have so much more energy. We asked a few couples how often they have sex vs. how often they would like to have sex and we got a whole bunch of answers. From having sex once a month to wanting to have sex four to five times a week, we realized that as we grow older (or spend more time in a relationship together) - things change! We spend our entire teenage years trying to sneak in a quickie with our partners and then after the honeymoon phase wears off, so does the need to have sex frequently. We settle into routines, life happens and we get lazy. That’s when your time in the bedroom starts to feel like more pressure and less fun. The lesser you have sex, the more you want it to be earth-shattering when it happens. That’s a lot of pressure for you and your partner. 

9 Reasons Why Having Sex Regularly (If Not Every Day) Is Great For You

If you’ve clicked on this post, chances are that you and your partner have settled with the less is more philosophy. And I’m here to tell you that less is certainly not more, especially in the bedroom. Here’s why you need to be more like bunnies!

Sex Makes You Happier


We all have a million reasons to be unhappy every day. Maybe you missed the bus to work, woke up late and had your boss yell at you or maybe you didn’t have your morning cuppa caffeine. If there was just one reason why you should have sex every day  - let this be it. Sex makes you happier. It releases a hormone called dopamine that is associated with the same pleasure as eating a bar of chocolate or getting high and having an orgasm! Even if you are having a terrible day, sex is going to make it better. Just get home, hop on and you’ll be a better person when you hop off (no pun intended.) What bad day?

Increases Intimacy

Sex makes you more comfortable around your partner, it encourages you to shed your inhibitions and be yourself around them. Because you’re having sex more often, you tend to get more comfortable with your bodies too. Most women are insecure about their bodies and this level of comfort not only increases intimacy in the bedroom but also makes you feel less burdened to be perfect all the time. It allows you to truly let your partner in and let them on your deepest, darkest fears. You also tend to be more honest with each other about the things you like and dislike. It brings you closer as individuals and you will see the same reflect in the way you behave with one another too. 

Boosts Self Confidence

We already established that more orgasms mean more happy hormones. Did you know that this could have a huge impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem too? Sex increases the level of intimacy in your relationship and makes you secure and content with your relationship and your body. The happy high that you have after a night of fun sex, yes that mind-body connection is amazing, isn’t it?

Could Potentially Save Your Relationship


If you have reached a plateau in your relationship or are having issues communicating with your partner the way you used to, sex might help ease things over. Having sex more often will bring the spark back into your relationship and change the way you behave with one another. Your partner will pay more attention to you, you will feel more desired and that will have a healthy impact on your behaviour with one another. You tend to be more attentive, loving and caring. And it’s those little things and those fireworks that make for a happy, healthy relationship, right? 

Makes You Glow

Girl, put down that highlighter and get your man in bed. Sex does qualify as a quick cardio sesh, it makes you sweat, burns a few calories and it gives your skin a gorgeous glow. You know, the kind people who eat clean and healthy food have on their faces. Yep, you can get that with sex. 

Takes The Edge Off 

In relationships, it’s pretty normal to have less sex as you spend more time with one another. You tend to drift away and are constantly worrying about making the act perfect and memorable. You aren’t sure what to do and what not to do and it puts you on the edge. You want to look perfect, feel perfect, have the right mood lights on. This edge comes right off when you have sex frequently - it all comes down to you and your partner, nothing else matters. Sex also makes you happier in your relationship - you snap less at one another and tend to find joy in the little things. 

More We Time


If you and your partner both work long hours, you rarely have more than a couple of hours together before you have to wake up and get to the grind again. Add to that socializing, catching up with your folks and a serious addiction to Netflix and Instagram, we barely end up speaking to one another without distractions. Having sex more often helps you schedule uninterrupted we time. It puts you in a better place in your relationship and honestly, after a point you will look forward to coming home and having your we time more than me time.

You Get Better Sleep

I’m one of those people who takes forever to fall asleep. Having sex is pretty exhausting and if you have fun while you’re at it, it can knock you right out and help you sleep like a baby. Beauty sleep at it’s best I’d say. Not only will you wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed, but you’re also going to be happier (remember the dopamine release?) and more confident. You g(l)ow girl! 

Helps You Discover Your Sexual Desires

When you have sex frequently, you understand your body and your partner's body. We don’t always know what feels good down there if you don’t do it enough. More sex helps you figure out what makes your world go round. Because you’re doing it more often, you’re also open to trying new things and learning that practice DOES make perfect! Didn’t have a good sesh tonight, you can try again tomorrow. Maybe even put some of those sex-tips you read about to use. Soon enough you’re going to be having the best sex you’ve ever had. 

And always remember, sex need not be penetrative every single time. So don’t be afraid and get creative.

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