Everyday Items That Are Secretly Sex Toys Waiting To Be Discovered

Everyday Items That Are Secretly Sex Toys Waiting To Be Discovered

Isn’t it exciting when you spice things up in the bedroom? Whether you live with your partner or you live alone, it’s always a good thing to experiment in bed. What if I told you that some of the most ordinary (read: innocent) looking household items could be used as sex toys in the bedroom? Intrigued? Me too. And here I was figuring out a plot that runs thicker than Inception’s dream within a dream to buy sex toys In India without being judged!



While the first thing that would come to your mind would be a banana, because of its shape, of course - a cucumber will be the best option here. The banana might get mushy and icky when things get a little too hot. Use a cucumber to cool off instead. Slip on a condom over a chilled cucumber and hop on! I can already hear you moan.

Makeshift Lubricant

If you’re feeling handsy when you’re home alone and don’t have any lubricant around, grab a tub of Vaseline, baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil and start massaging yourself down there. You could even use this with your partner to make your hot steamy sesh a smooth and friction-free ride. Don’t use water though - as much as we’d like to believe that water may be the simplest alternative to lube, it dries your vajayjay juices quicker.


If you’ve ever watched 50 Shades Of Grey, you’re probably already harbouring a BDSM fetish. If you want to dip your toes into deep (BDSM)  seas, a spatula is a perfect tool for beginners. Pick the silicone type, so it’s a little less intense and ask him to spank you a few times. If you both like it a little too much, you could make it a permanent part of your bedroom. *wink*

Makeup Brush

Did you ever think that your makeup brush could do more than make your skin look flawless? Yep, find a long, thick, clean makeup brush and get rubbin’. That orgasm glow is closer than you’d think.

A Pillow


Did you know that simply placing a pillow under your legs or back can intensify your orgasm? When your legs are raised up a little, it allows for better, deeper penetration. Try it the next time you’re in bed!

Washing Machine

Ask your partner to join you for a quickie while you do the laundry. Toss in a blanket or a bedsheet into your washing machine and turn it on for a super hot session as you sit on top of the machine. The intensified vibrations while he enters you will make you both cum quick n’ hard!

A Scrunchie

Have you heard about penis rings? They are small silicone rings that you slide onto the base of your man's member. They help him stay hard longer and make the sex even better for you. While some rings also come with a vibrator to make things exciting for you, you could even make your own ring using a scrunchie. Give it a shot next time.

Facial Massagers

Yep, that icy cool jade roller can give your hoohaa quite the massage. Keep your jade roller in the freezer for 20 minutes and use some warm baby oil to give yourself a hot n’ cold orgasm you’ll never forget! If you like giving your partner a massage, use the icy cool roller with some warming lubricant or a sensual body massage oil. It’ll make him hot and cold in all the right places!

Your Phone


Did you know that your phone could function as a vibrator? There are a bunch of apps that you can download that turn on the vibration feature on the phone. You can control the intensity, the vibration level but unfortunately not the big ‘O’ that’s about to follow. Just make sure you clean and sanitize your phone before and after, if you know what I mean ;)

An Electric Toothbrush

You’ve probably already tried this, you naughty, naughty girl. Make sure you take off the attachments though. Place the vibrating edge of your device on you. If it’s got a smooth base, you can do more - need I say the words?

Neck Massagers

A neck massager is just a fancy name for a vibrator. Sex and the city taught me that. If you’re finding a vibrator that your parents would never think was a vibrator, order a neck massager from Amazon. While they are too big to be inserted, be prepared for the most intense orgasm of your life. You might want to bite down hard on something to stop yourself from moaning ;)

Sleeping Mask

Blindfold your partner with your sleeping mask and surprise him with intense foreplay. Use everything you find lying around to tease him and please him. Beads, ice cubes, feathers, massage oils are just some things you can rub along his body to make him squirm in pleasure. If you’re a wildling, tie his hands to the bed using his own belt, It’ll be the best orgasm of his life, we promise. And the sex that follows, you’d want to do this over and over again!



You probably already knew this, but that shower head is the easiest way to give yourself an orgasm every morning. Use some warm or cold water to increase sensations. Angle your shower head in a way that no water actually enters your vagina. You don’t want to disturb the healthy bacteria. If you have a shower head with customisable settings, it’s going to be even easier. If you and your partner like shower sex, you can intensify your orgasm by using the shower head while he has you from behind. Your gorgeous glowing skin can be our dirty little secret, pinky promise.

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