#HeSays: 15 Things Guys Want To Do To Their Girlfriends’ Boobs!

 #HeSays: 15 Things Guys Want To Do To Their Girlfriends’ Boobs!

Ladies, there probably isn’t a single straight guy in the world who doesn’t love a girl’s boobs. And most of us have a pretty long wish list of the ways in which we’d love to explore them - though we’d never actually say them out loud! Here’s presenting a sneak peek at what guys like to do with boobs...

What Guys Like To Do With Boobs?

Just to be clear on this, there is a major difference between things we actually want to do with your boobs viz things we actually do with your boobs. Let’s find out where do guys like to touch a girl!

1. Just Look At Them For A Long, Long Time...

Like, seriously, they’re gorgeous, and us guys don’t have them...so the least we could do is spend a whole lotta time appreciating their beauty, right?

things guys want to do to a girls boobs 1

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2. Squeeze ’Em!

Yes, we know how juvenile this sounds, but it’s true. They’re so soft yet so firm and perky! What could be a more perfect way to keep our hands occupied than keeping them occupied with your boobs?

3. Bite, Of Course.

No, not hard, we mean little nibbles that don’t hurt you and feel good instead. But ladies, you have no idea how absolutely delicious your boobs are. We can’t help but feel greedy enough to bite them a little.

4. Watch Them Bounce!

One of the reasons we love your boobs so much is because they don’t just stay in one place, they move too. If only you’d run or jump more often and let us watch them in action!

things guys want to do to a girls boobs 4

5. Use Them As Our Pillow...

Soft, warm, beautiful - a guy would have to be superhuman to resist the temptation to bury his face in a girl’s boobs. Best sleep ever.  

6. Watch You Touch Them!

Now, do guys like touching their girlfriends? The answer is yes. But we don’t just think about us touching you, we think about you touching you constantly too. The thought of your hands stroking, squeezing, pinching your boobs until you’re super turned on - SO hot!

7. Look At Pictures Of Them…

Even if you’re not with us, we want to be able to at least see them - and not just in our imagination! ‘Don’t send me a boob shot’ said NO guy EVER. And if you’d ever let us click a picture when we’re actually touching your boobs (maybe even licking them), we’d basically be in heaven.

8. Boob Job, Of Course.

Boob Job

We can’t resist the temptation to fill our hands with them and feel them against our faces - so you can probably imagine how much hotter it is to think of feeling them against our most sensitive bits…!

9. Um, Finish On Them…

Well, ladies, no matter how weird you think this sounds, if you could just let us do this once, we’d be forever grateful. Promise.

10. Motorboat Them.

Now we know it might not feel very good for you but we love them and it feels really great to us. We want to do it anyway - like a deep, unresting desire that exists in all, us men!\

11. Treat Them Like A Sexy Hoop.

We just know how happy it makes us to aim M&M’s into your cleavage. It’s incredibly satisfying!

12. Take Them In Both Their Hands And Jiggle Them.

Trust me, playing with boobs is ... it's mesmerizing.

13. Eat Off From Them

Wipped Cream

Eating off your breasts heightens our senses… and yours too. How about some whipped cream or hot fudge next time?

14. See Your Breasts In Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie really make you look that much sexier and we’re always up for some excitement. We like when you don’t give away all you got right away… but a lacy bra would do the deal!

15. Touch Them Anywhere, Everywhere And Always.

Yes, they’re that irresistible. The only reason we don’t do this all the time is because because: a) we don’t want you to think of us as being pervy and obsessive; b) we don’t want to go to jail for indecent behaviour in public!

things guys want to do to a girls boobs 10

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