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6 Accessories You Need If You Just *Can't* Live Without Your Phone!

6 Accessories You Need If You Just *Can't* Live Without Your Phone!

We're all familiar with the eerie sense of panic that takes over if we ever make the grave mistake of forgetting our phone somewhere. How are you supposed to book a cab back home? How do you keep track of your steps? How do you check the traffic on your way? And most importantly, what do you do with your hands when you're alone in a public place?!

Look, I hate propagating stereotypes. But the truth is that if you're a millennial like me, it is very likely that your phone is (one of the) most important things that you own. And guess what? We've rounded up a list of tech accessories that you didn't even know you needed up until this point. You can thank us later.

1. Phone Cover


This is the first accessory that you need to buy as soon as you get a new phone. Not only will it protect it from scratches and cushion it from falls, it will also make your phone look quirky and cool. Pick one that speaks your mind!

POPxo recommends: Stay Weird Phone Cover

Price: Rs 499. Buy here.

2. Pop Socket


Look, I know pop sockets look bulky and unnecessary but trust me, they make your life SO much easier. Say goodbye to your phone randomly slipping from your hand at odd moments. Also, it works great as a phone stand.

POPxo recommends: Royal Rani PopSockets Grip

Price: Rs 745. Buy here.

3. Power Bank


If you only had to buy ONE accessory for your phone, it should be a power bank. Because no matter how good your phone's battery is, it never hurts to have backup power for emergencies (like that one time your friend kept you waiting for too long and you had to watch Netflix to keep yourself entertained!).

POPxo recommends: Circle Designer Power Bank 5200 mAH

Price: Rs 699. Buy here.

4. Selfie Light


We all appreciate a well-lit picture, but sadly, we're not famous enough to go around with an entourage of light and camera crew (not yet, amirite?). So we buy the next best thing: a selfie light that gets attached to our phone, and gives us that oh-so-glam shot!

POPxo recommends: Teconica BR-01 Rechargeable Selfie Enhancing Portable Ring Light

Price: Rs 209. Buy here.

5. Arm Band


This one's a must-have for everyone who loves to work out. This one also has a separate slot for your cards, money, keys and earphones. So the next time you go on for a run, leave your wallet at home.

POPxo recommends: JERN Waterproof Sport Armband

Price: Rs 379. Buy here.

6.  Earphones


We don't really need to say it, but earphones are the most basic phone accessory that someone should own. They make our long office commute a thousand times more bearable. Tired of the boring black ones? Pick a pair in bold, bright colours to make a style statement.

POPxo recommends: JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones

Price: Rs 499. Buy here

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