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Hello Orgasm City: 7 Sex Positions That You MUST Try In 2019!

Hello Orgasm City: 7 Sex Positions That You MUST Try In 2019!

2019 is going to be our year. This will be the year when we try new things and take on new challenges. So while we're doing that in all areas of our lives, wouldn't it serve us well to do the same in our sex lives as well? There is no doubt in our minds that sex is amazing and a Godsend, but let's be honest, the need and want to experiment in sex is so much higher than most things. If you're willing to heat things up in the bedroom, we've made a list of a few sex positions that are a must-try in 2019. The need to be on your bucket list for the year and check them all off before you usher the next year in. By the end of it, not only will you be thanking us, you'll actually be left wanting more (positions), pun intended. So here goes!

1. The Wheelbarrow

As you get on your fours and put your hands on the floor, get him to pick you up and wrap your legs around his waist. This will look something like a wheelbarrow. If you think the position is too intense, rest your arms on a table or the side of the bed to make it easy for you. The raw intensity of this position will have you going in a matter of minutes. On top of that, he needs to do all the work so you can just enjoy.

Why You Need To Try It: Not only is it the arm workout of your dreams, it guarantees deeper penetration. So, hello multiple orgasms.


2. The Chairman

This one is a position for you ladies. Make him sit on a chair and then sit on top of him facing away as he enters you. Now you know how the position got its name. You can also bring your knees closer to your upper body for deeper penetration. 

Why You Need To Try It: Say hello to G-Spot city! While he brings you to the peak of pleasure, you can use your hands on his balls and show him a very good time.

3. Standing From Behind

We're sure you've seen this one in the movies or some show and it looks really hot and intimate. It is a super simple one - both of you are standing and he enters you from behind. A great way to do it would be against a wall or desk which you can lean against.

Why You Need To Try It: This can work wonders for anal or a quickie in public!


4. The Spider

This one can be a little tricky but difficult things are so totally worth it in the end! You two need to sit on the bed with your legs towards each other and your arms supporting your weight. Now move in towards him and onto his dick. You two can rock in unison and your hips are between his legs while your feet are outside of his hips. To make it more intimate, have him pull you against his chest as he sits in an upright position.

Why You Need To Try It: All that caressing and sexy eye contact!

5. The Caboose

This is an extremely intimate but sexy position that you absolutely must try. In a way, you'll be spooning each other but while you're sitting. All you need to do is have him sit and then back yourself into him so that your back is on his chest. To keep things going, you can tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor to grip him tighter.

Why You Need To Try It: Not only will he have easy access to your boobs and clitoris, you'll also be facing away from each other making it easier to fantasize!


6. The T-Position

The best thing about most positions is the contact between your bodies. But what if we suggested a position where only your pelvises are in touch and the penis goes into the vagina perpendicularly? Worth a try, right? As you lie on your back, the man lies on his side between her legs and penetrates you like this. Between your bodies, you form a right angle.

Why You Need To Try It: The man controls the pace and the depth of the thrusting making it extremely pleasurable for you two. Also, if your man has a dick that is wider than it is long, it'll hit all the right spots.

7. Stand And Deliver

This is like doggy style but with a kinky twist. Have him stand behind you and as you bend over, he enters from behind. The twist in this position is that he holds your wrists against your body so that you're completely dependent on him for support. He could also tie up your wrists behind your back. This will help him free his hands to massage your breasts or rub your clit.

Why You Need To Try It: The intensity of the friction will be way higher as bending over makes your vaginal walls tighter. 



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