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1 Pair Of Gym Shorts + 5 Different Looks = 1 Hell Of A Week!

1 Pair Of Gym Shorts + 5 Different Looks = 1 Hell Of A Week!

Every once in a while, I make a genius style discovery. Today is one of those days. I admit, what I 'discovered' has been in front of me the whole time. The item I am referring to is gym shorts. In my defence, I hate the gym, so it took me a while to really SEE them... Lazy girls of the world, you know what I mean, right? 

Why gym shorts? They're comfortable, they're sweat-proof and they're the easiest pair of shorts to throw on and off (elastic waists FTW)! Moreover, the regular short-shorts silhouette is just a bit blah at the moment. Plus, the athleisure trend is not going anywhere. So, now, I ask you, ladies, why NOT gym shorts? 

There are many ways you can style a pair of these wide-legged, sporty shorts. We like how Taylor Swift switched it up and wore them with a sweater, red lipstick and a fancy bag!

gym shorts 5 ways taylor

Elizabeth Tamkin from Manrepeller wore hers with a white shirt and ballet flats - and we loved it even more!

gym shorts 5 ways street style

Want more? Here are 5 outfits you can style with just one simple pair of black gym shorts. One on-point look for each weekday!

1. City Girl

1 gym shorts 5 ways

All you need is a neutral coloured top with flirty details and some tan essentials and you're ready for a day on the town.

POPxo recommends: Contrasting Lace Blouse (Rs 2,790), Round Messenger Bag (Rs 2,890) by Zara

2. Bed-Head

2. gym shorts 5 ways

Resort to PJ dressing for a chic yet relaxed vibe. Wear the look to a party or an artsy event and show 'em how it's done. 

POPxo recommends: Contrast Binding Pocket Patched Shirt (Rs 1,190), Faux Fur Slip On Mules (Rs 1,750) by Shein

3. Chic Chica

3 gym shorts 5 ways

Add an edge to your gym shorts by pairing a high-neck t-shirt, retro sunnies and sharp boots with them. Supermodel vibes, anyone?

POPxo recommends: High Neck Ribbed Crop Sweater (Rs 546), Tinted Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses (Rs 308) by Romwe

4. Street Rep

4. gym shorts 5 ways

Going to the movies? Get those gym shorts out! Club a graphic tee with 'em and layer the look with an oversized denim or neoprene jacket. Tada!

POPxo recommends: Yosemite Distressed Graphic Tee (Rs 999), Denim Utility Jacket (Rs 2,399) by Forever 21

5. Cocktail Hour

5 gym shorts 5 ways

Happy hour just got happier, girls. Your cami tops make a great companion for those gym shorts. Add an elegant black blazer and pumps to the outfit and you're ready for your soiree!

POPxo recommends: Satin Cami Top (Rs 1,299), Double Breasted Jacket (Rs 2,999) by H&M

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Published on Sep 2, 2018
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