Comfy Gym Clothes That You Can Rock (Almost!) Everywhere!

Comfy Gym Clothes That You Can Rock (Almost!) Everywhere!
What is athleisure you ask? Why only the biggest fashion trend that has everyone from Kendal Jenner and Beyonce to Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor hooked. The term “athleisure” also made it to the Merriam-Webster dictionary recently! Athleisure basically refers to gymwear that is so fashionable, it can also be worn outside the gym as well. In fact, in a P&G Fabric Care global survey, 62% people said they felt more confident wearing such clothes. Have you started planning looks for the gym even though you aren’t headed to a workout? You’ve been bitten by the athleisure trend, girl!

The trend has caught on so quickly and spread so widely that fabric care giant Ariel Matic, alongside renowned designer and P&G Fabric Care Global Fashion Consultant, Giles Deacon, explored the trend and the fabrics associated with it, in a limited edition washable capsule collection, revealed exclusively at the P&G Future Fabrics event in Barcelona on 2nd December 2015. Here are 5 reasons to fall in love with this trend!

1. You Can Roll Out Of Bed And Into The Gym

Roll out of bed in it, wear it to a friend’s party (‘cuz you know… it’s so sporty chic) and go to the gym in it - you never have to get out of your yoga pants and jersey tee. Gone are the days people found your clothes shabby! Now you can say- “Hell yeah, I woke up like this!”

fashionable gym clothes 1. Roll out of bed

2. Your Favourite Celebs Are Doing It!

Yes, every A-lister you can think of has gotten onto the athleisure bandwagon. No more pencil skirts and killer high heels, everyone’s wearing high-top sneakers and track pants. Because comfort has never been this fashionable!

3. Keeps You Motivated

Nothing gets you motivated to workout like a great looking pair of tights and crop top. Throw on a jacket and sneakers and you could even go out for a drink post the gym.

fashionable gym clothes 3. Keeps You Motivated

4. It Ain’t Shabby No More!

Anyone who calls the athleisure trend shabby clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. All they need to do is look around and soak in all the awesomeness that yoga pants and tees create. Plus, it’s a no-stress kind of outfit - you take it off, dunk it in the washing machine (with Ariel Matic of course!) and it requires no ironing. We’re sold!!

5. Makes Heads Turn At The Gym

A great looking pair of tracks, with leather trimmings perhaps, and a bright pair of sneakers can never go wrong together. What’s more? The boys won’t be checking out their muscles that often ;)

fashionable gym clothes 5. Make Heads Turn

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