From Sequins To Fur, Here Are 9 Cute Cushion Covers You Cannot Resist Buying Right Away!

From Sequins To Fur, Here Are 9 Cute Cushion Covers You Cannot Resist Buying Right Away!

Tired of your boring room? Want to revamp and add some comfort to your regular old bed? We've handpicked some of the cutest cushion covers out there and you won't be able to make it past this list, without buying one. From quirky to extra, there is something for everybody. 

1. Holiday On My Mind

01 cushion cover

Christmas is a state of mind, so why not add some holiday fun to your bedroom this summer? 

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

2. 'In Love' With This One

02 cushion cover

Cute pixelated hearts to cuddle with at night. Spread some love with this adorable cushion cover from the POPxo shop!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here

3. Berry Cute

03 cushion cover

This berry cover is all you need as you sip on mimosas with your girl gang. The perfect insta-friendly sleepover accessory. 

Price: Rs 250. Buy it here

4. For The Comic Geek

04 cushion cover

Love superheroes? Show some love with these set of 5 cushion covers that'll add a splash of red to your room. 

Price: Rs 329. Buy it here

5. For Your Cosy Room

05 cushion cover

Are you a homebody? If you love spending time in bed, reading or binge-watching Netflix, then this is exactly the cushion cover your happy place needs. 

Price: Rs 595. Buy it here

6. Black & White Love

06 cushion cover

If you're a fan of black & white like me, then these set of 5 cushions will match your decor and soul perfectly!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

7. Flaming(o) Hot!

07 cushion cover

A blast of colour to light up your day. Imagine waking up to this sunshine every morning. 

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

8. Funky Monkey

08 cushion cover

For the quirky girl who loves being desi AF! These colours will sure bring a smile to your face on a lazy day. 

Price: Rs 211. Buy it here

9. Sleeping Beauty

09 cushion cover

The cutest one on the list! This cute cushion cover will channel your inner princess because everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives.  

Price: Rs 280. Buy it here

Get shopping, ladies! 

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