Ladies, It's Time To Talk About Female Masturbation Openly

Ladies, It's Time To Talk About Female Masturbation Openly

There was a time when most topics that concerned women were brushed under the carpet, from sex to menstrual health. But things are definitely changing. From period problems to mental health issues, we have been talking about all the right things on public platforms and it makes me very happy to see how far we have come. However, if there's one subject that we still don't touch upon, it is female masturbation. 

Men tend to talk about their sexual habits openly, so don't you think it will be so cool (and liberating) if women did the same? But the fact is that while women may talk about sex openly, we're still shy to touch on the topic of masturbation! I speak from experience as I am a progressive adult woman who talks about sex quite openly but when it comes to masturbation, I refrain myself from commenting. But I want to break the chain and talk about it today.

let's talk about female masturbation inside

A recent scene in the Veere Di Wedding, the one where Swara Bhaskar was seen masturbating, got a lot of backlash and had me wondering if we're still not ready to accept a woman's sexual freedom. It is, after all, an act of self-pleasure and an absolutely healthy thing to do. While we keep talking about how orgasms are good for you, we also need to talk about how you can get them without actually having a sexual intercourse.

Self-stimulation is a natural process and while many of us actually do it without admitting to it, let's talk about it more often. Let's not be a part of the society that wants to shame women for enjoying sex, sexual pleasures and more importantly, their own bodies. So, let's be sex-positive and know that women, just like men, enjoy having sex. They enjoy exploring their bodies as freely as men do.

But our focus right now is on starting conversations about it. Whether you want to masturbate or not is totally your call! It's okay if don't like to do it masturbate or get no pleasure from it. It's a choice, never a compulsion. Ladies, know that it's your body and you have the right to do or not do whatever you wish. 

The more you discuss something, the more you normalise it. So, let's talk about doing it. Let's talk about not feeling the need to do it. Let's just address it whenever we can. While we have normalised almost every social taboo that's there, let's do this too. From talking about sex to feeling completely asexual. From periods to breastfeeding. Let this be as normal as everything else. Let's talk about what's natural. Change begins with us.

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