8 Ways To Save A Friend From An Outfit Disaster Without Being Rude!

8 Ways To Save A Friend From An Outfit Disaster Without Being Rude!

So, straight up, let me clarify. When you tell a friend to swerve a fashion faux pas, it’s not mean. It’s not insensitive. It’s girl code. Think about it. If your ‘friend’ (I use quotes ‘coz if she lets you, she ain’t your friend) lets you leave the house wearing gladiators, would you be okay with that? I wouldn’t be. Being a fashion girl, it’s my responsibility to use my powers, if I do say so myself, for good rather than evil. Especially if it concerns a friend.

Now, if you’re a bold gal like me and your friend totally get you, it’s no big deal to just go ‘No way is that happening’ when she steps out wearing a butt-ugly top. However, not everyone has Big Mouth syndrome like yours truly. Plus, helping your girlfriend find her style or avoiding faux pas is a tricky sitch either way because, it’s true, us girls are sensitive about fashion. Don’t give her the impression that it’s her body that is the problem because it’s not… it’s the clothes. So, the next time you go shopping with your friend or trying on clothes before you head out, keep this in mind.

If you’re still unsure, scroll through these 7 ways I put together to help your homie out with her fashion choices.

1. ‘That top is so sexy, I’m stealing it! The skirt isn’t working though. I think I saw a pair of shorts in your closet that will be perfect with this’

1 friend outfit not cute

If you hate one of the pieces your friend is wearing, compliment the other. This reassures her that her taste in clothes isn’t bad, per se, and it’s just a one-off. What’s even better is to go ahead and also suggest a piece already in her closet to replace it with.

2. ‘These jeans aren’t my fave. But then again, you know I’ll always be biased to high-waist pants ‘coz they do all kinds of things for your booty’

2 friend outfit not cute

Putting it this way not only helps you avoid hurting your home girl’s feelings but also lets her know what her best features are. So, if an outfit is all wrong for her body type, this is the trick you should follow.

3. ‘When I saw these, I knew I had to get these for you. This dress was made for you.’

3 friend outfit not cute

Just gift her cool new outfits. Everyone appreciates a gift and if you go with this trick, she will love to give it a shot.

4. ‘There’s no way you’re wearing anything with these jeans but that crop top. I wish I could work that print as well as you. Sigh, I’ll just stick with stripes.’

4 friend outfit not cute

Let’s face it. I can’t work mom jeans to save my life, but I nail print-on-print like a boss. No one looks good in EVERYthing. Telling your friend that she works a fashion piece better than you will make her day. Trust me.

5. ‘Babe, I hope you know that shirt is too boring for your awesome personality.’

5 friend outfit not cute

If an outfit that your friend is wearing isn’t vibing with who she is, it’s almost crime-level wrong to let her wear it. Let her know she’s way too bright for that dull a shirt (or whatever it is that’s totally off).

6. ‘You know that dress that Beyonce wore to the Bahamas? I’m not even kidding, it would look bomb on you!’

6 friend outfit not cute

Now, this one requires some effort on your end but if you’re not this committed to your friend, you need to re-evaluate your relationships. An honest comparison of your friend with someone she aspires to be like will send her over the moon. Scroll through her idol’s Instagram and find a with an outfit that your friend would work like magic. This is a sure shot.

7. ‘Get this, there’s an amazing sale on workwear at Zara. We should go check it out!’

7 friend outfit not cute

If your friend has picked out something inappropriate (read ‘cleavage’) for a work event or a big interview, wait for the right moment to pop the mention of a Zara sale. Works. Every. Single. Time.

8. ‘If only they’d made this dress in Chiffon. This fabric doesn’t do the design much justice.’

8 friend outfit not cute

If you’re trial room buddies while shopping, you need to bring your A-game because you’re going to be put on the spot. A lot. So, your friend steps out in a dress in a frumpy, stiff fabric that easily adds 10 kgs to her frame. This is what you say.

Class dismissed. Good luck!