The Ultimate Gift List For Your Friend Who Loves Fashion!

The Ultimate Gift List For Your Friend Who Loves Fashion!
You’ve got a friend who always turns up looking stunning? Who is always surrounded by shutterbugs because of her unique fashion tastes? Who loves to dress up and show up to steal the show? Then ladies, you’ve got to give her something totally fashion forward! We’ve got some ideas and you can totally go by these chosen items to get something for your favorite fashion queen! Don’t ever get stuck again for choices!!

1. A Gorgeous Metal Belt

gifts for your friend

This gold broad belt is such a versatile fashion find! Trust us, she will enjoy using this and will keep thanking you for all the compliments she receives for it! It is so chic and can totally amp up an outfit. The elastic belt makes this one even more wearable!

POPxo Loves: Koovs Metal Plate Elasticated Belt (Rs 895)

2. A Gift Card

gifts for your friend

Yes! It might seem a bit impersonal, but it might actually be just what your friend wanted! Getting a gift card from her favourite brand? WOW! That will light up her face instantly when she enters the dreamy world of what all she can splurge on at that store with this piece of plastic!

POPxo Loves: Forever 21 Gift Card  

3. A Quirky Wallet

gifts for your friend

This striking wallet is just what she would want to flaunt on a night out! The unique shape is super attractive and if she already doesn’t have something like this, you need to get her one! It’s most likely she already has a range of cute clutches and these quirky lips will add another dimension to that collection!

POPxo Loves: Lips Don't Lie Wallet (Rs 699)

4. A Bag With Make-Up

gifts for your friend

A girl can never have enough of this! Get her this shiny clutch with little goodies inside and be sure to make her smile! The coral punch just adds a lot of liveliness and is perfect for the festive season! That lipstick and nail paint will be much appreciated, we promise!

POPxo Loves: Maybelline Instaglam Christmas Special Pouch - Coral Chic (Rs 1,034)

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5. A Funky Hat

gifts for your friend

A trendy girl would love to experiment with more accessories and this classy black fedora is one piece she will cherish for sure! When she wants to give that uber-stylish vibe, this item will be her obvious pick and she would love to pair this with a range of outfits!

POPxo Loves: Koovs Fedora Hat (Rs 1,295)

6. An Asymmetrical Dress

gifts for your friend

A girl can never have enough dresses! Gift her this super-stylish one shoulder dress and see her rock at a party! Go for a dress that is not very commonly seen, because in all probability she might already have those. She’ll adore this number and would want to wear it as soon as possible!

POPxo Loves: One Shoulder Maxi Dress (Rs 1,549)

7. A Snazzy Body Chain Neckpiece

gift for your friend

In this age and time of fashion, we all know how body chains are the rage! Get her one ‘cos you would like her to be on top of her style game! This one right here is a no brainer. Not too much drama but just the right amount of glint. Make sure you choose something that has a unique shape!

POPxo Loves: Krafftwork Silver Alloy Necklace (Rs 489)

8. A Pair Of Groovy Sunglasses

gift for your friend

We all know what sunglasses can do for one’s personality! This one right here screams out glamourous like no other! The only thing you need to keep in mind when you are picking these up for her is her face shape. Don’t want to get her something that doesn’t fit well, right?

POPxo Loves: Sneak-a-peek Sunglasses  (Rs 695)

9. A Fun Phone Cover

gift for your friend

We all love to wear our style wherever possible and phones these days cannot be left behind! Get this super cute phone cover for her - she will definitely be very happy to receive this gift! A variety of phone covers to choose from? Who wouldn’t love that!

POPxo Loves: Ooooh la la Phone Case (Rs 1,185)

10. A Pair Of Printed Trainers

gift for your friend

Slightly expensive, but totally worth it! This sassy pair of shoes will look lovely sitting in her shoe closet, don’t you think? For all the days she wants to be comfy but still look chic, this will be her pick for sure! The metallic highlights make these shoes (and her) shine brightly!

POPxo Loves: Qupid Metallic Detail Fashion Trainers (Rs 2,995)
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