#IAmWayForward - This Is How You Can Take A New Step To Great Things!

#IAmWayForward - This Is How You Can Take A New Step To Great Things!

Social media has for a really long time kept us in the loop for all things that are going on in the world. So you, just like every other millennial, would know about a recent rage on the internet these days. You know what we’re talking about, right? The Indian #EntrepreneurCouple that has been making news.

As Rannvijay revealed in the video below, they are Ankur and Taru Gupta who left their corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs under the Amway Business model. It’s an opportunity that can be taken up by anyone who has a passion for business and wants to do something of their own - irrespective of the field that they’re in or their educational qualifications. They have been working as Entrepreneurs with Amway for the past 17 years now and living a dream.

So, we got curious and wanted to see if there are others who took the decision of becoming an entrepreneur to live life on their own terms. That’s when we came to know about Saswati, a software engineer by profession who faced a difficult situation with the birth of her daughter, Risha. She yearned to continue working, but also wanted to give time to her family, which was difficult with a corporate job. Being an entrepreneur and starting her own business did not seem as an easy option, as she didn’t have any prior business experience and there was fear of instability and sustenance. Amway came as a ray of hope to her, as it was a viable business proposition to sell quality consumer products, while not having to invest a fortune on setting up a business. She could have flexible work timings, so she could give time to her personal life, too. It seemed a good opportunity and Amway supported her in getting requisite trainings to feel empowered to run her own business. 

1 Amway Entrepreneur Saswati

Today, Saswati is at the helm of a sales team across India as well as other countries. Her last 18 years as an Amway direct seller have been extremely enriching since she has helped many young students in starting their careers as entrepreneurs, encouraged professionals in creating a second source of income, inspired housewives to become financial providers of the family and assisted retired professionals to start the second innings of their life.

We did a little research and found out from a recent study by AON that Amway’s Business Owner Model offers an opportunity to business owners to live on their own terms. About 77% Amway entrepreneurs said that they have the freedom to work when they want, from where they want, and how much they want. In 2016, around 1.5 individuals built their business under this model which provides equal opportunities to both men and women.

So, anyone can become an entrepreneur under the Amway Business Owner model, with Amway guiding you through the journey of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter what your background or educational qualifications are - the business model is flexible and convenient for everyone.

Now Ankur and Taru and Saswati are successfully running their business and directing their own work life. Their story gives millions like us inspiration to do what we really wish to do. Read more about the AON study here.