Not Just His Sweatshirt, 10 Other Things You Can Steal From Your Boyfriend's Wardrobe

Not Just His Sweatshirt, 10 Other Things You Can Steal From Your Boyfriend's Wardrobe

How often do you feel that your closet is getting sadder by the day? That there's nothing good in life anymore? That all the happiness is lost on you?

1 boyfriend - I've nothing to wear lisa kudrow

I feel that at least twice a day, one, when I open my cupboard in the morning to pick my outfit and, two, when I see someone else wearing cooler clothes than me. That's when it hit me!


That particular someone being my boyfriend. I found the ultimate fashion hack to make 'I've nothing to wear' days a thing of the past. Here are 10 fashion items that you can borrow (read steal) from your boyfriend/ husband or even your father's closet to add a stylish spin to your own clothes. We'll tell you how to style them, we'll tell you how to file them. Keep your gloves, night-vision goggles and backpack at the ready. And go!

1. A Pinstriped Or Solid Shirt

2 boyfriend - dakota johnson fifty shades of grey

Not just Bollywood but Hollywood is proof how sexy a man's clothes, especially his shirt, can look on you. Cuff the sleeves loosely up to your elbows and wear it like a shirt dress for cool chic vibes. Pair it with t-strap flats and a crossbody bag or sneakers and funky backpack. It will work as an outfit outside the bedroom as well as 'inside'! *wink wink*

2. A Graphic T-shirt

When it comes to t-shirts, don’t just borrow a random tee but something that has character, something with prints or a graphic, something that he loves and screams his personality (and maybe yours as well). Tuck it under your fitted jeans to give a boxy yet cute effect. Or wear it as it as like a T-shirt dress (if he's tall). We suggest combat boots and braided hair in order to complete the look.

3. Blue Jeans

4 boyfriend - selena gomez jeans

There's a reason why 'boyfriend' jeans are called so! Take his slimmest pair of jeans and slip into sexy instantly. And while you're at it, we recommend highly ripped jeans cuffed at the hem. Accessorise with quirky pins and badges and wear it high-waisted with high heels to nail the street style look in style.

4. A Chunky Belt

Speaking of accessories, his leather belt will make for a great one. No, we don't mean the formal dressy black belt but his rugged brown one that lends a certain bit of raw appeal and toughness. Cinch it around your waist with a shirt dress or use it to hold the jeans up in panache. It'll give your waist a smaller effect, thanks to it's broad and bulky frame.

5. A Varsity Jacket Or Jersey

6 boyfriend - hockey jersey robin HIMYM

If your guy is even a tiny bit into sports, he'll have a jersey belonging to his favourite team somewhere. And this is how you put that into a fashionable use. Whenever I want to go for an athleisure or tomboyish look, I just cash in on his LA Lakers basketball jersey, pair it with my blue skinny jeans, tie my hair up in a messy bun et voila! Makes me look stylish and him less mad at me for taking away his favourite shirt. Easy, right?

6. A Blazer

Please, oh, please, don't ruin his tuxedo jacket by folding the sleeves into an irreversible crime. Take one of his casual blazers, say, a tweed or checked or even a solid one. Wear it with your palazzos to add some power to your shoulders like a #BossLady. Or pair it with mini shorts and a tank top like Taylor Swift. There is a unique blend of masculinity and feminism whenever women wear such apparels.

7. A Sporty Cap

8 boyfriend - rachel green football scene

Accessories like caps are unisex in nature and look equally good on women as they do on men. They're a huge style statement this summer if you can recall Ariana Grande wearing them to pretty much everywhere. Add the baseball cap as the finishing touch to the jersey. Go for a slogan cap to show-off some serious badassery or take a cue from Rachel and wear it backwards like a pro.

8. Wrist Watch!!

Men's wrist watches are characterised by a big clock dial and a thick strap. Take advantage of that and wear his watch with 2-3 dainty bracelets to produce that combined effect of masculinity and feminism time and time again.

9. Dorky Glasses

10.1 boyfriend - penny glasses tbbt

Let's just say, bold framed glasses can do more than seduce. They'll give you a geeky scholar look, which men find irresistibly attractive on women, especially if it's their own set. Who knew irony can make you look hotter!

10. A Sweater

His sweater, that'll look oversized on you, paired with your black tights and winter boots! Yes, we're going to leave it at all.

11. And A Sweatshirt, Of Course

12 boyfriend - monica geller sweatshirt

Ah, our favourite. Whoever invented the sweats, God bless you.