11 Fashion Problems Summed Up In GIFs That Are So Funny You’ll Cry!

11 Fashion Problems Summed Up In GIFs That Are So Funny You’ll Cry!

It’s the New Year, we’ve reached only mid-January, and our lives are as calm and composed as our bra straps! Fashion is an integral part of our lives whether we try or not. Even something as simple as putting an outfit together and wearing it counts. Here are 11 GIFs that sum up some of the fashion problems we face in that process. Struggle so real, they’ll make you say, ‘OMG, Yes!’

1. When You Feel Your Bra Way Too Much

1 fashion - bernadette tbbt

Don’t you just hate it when the elastic digs into the skin? Like we don’t have safety pins for crying out loud.

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2. When You Can’t Zip-up Your Dress

2 fashion - mean girls

Is anybody there to zip my outfit? Hello?

POPxo Recommends: A-line Dress with Embroidered Yoke (Rs 1,259) by Ajio.

3. When The Off-Shoulder Just Won’t Stay

3 fashion - monica geller thin

Who doesn't want to be fashion forward! But sometimes, it comes at a cost! If only we could control our sleeves (like we control our men!)

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4. When Your Nail Tears Your Stockings

4 fashion - haley dunphy

All that OOTD prep, and for what! For WHAT!

POPxo recommends: Black Thigh-Shaping Stockings (Rs 903) by Next

5. When Your Pant’s Zip Gets Stuck

5 fashion - glorail sofia vergara modern family

And it only happens when you’re out. Talk about luck!

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6. When The Tucked In Shirt Comes Out

6 fashion - rachel green friends

Let’s thank Rachel for describing our struggle while we go to the washroom to fix our outfit… again!

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7. When The Salwar Nada Gets Loose

7 fashion - pheobe santa is not real

Oh, God, NO!

POPxo Recommends: Pleated (Elastic) Patiala Pants (Rs 999) by Ajio.

8. When You're Wearing A Crop Top, And You Sit

8 fashion - marshmallow smores

Why you do dis, belly fat?

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9. When Your Earrings Get Tangled In Your Hair

9 fashion - rapunzel hair

Meanwhile counting the hair strands that you pulled along. The struggle is real!

POPxo Recommends: Set of 30 Bobby Pins (Rs 311) by Accessorize.

10. When Someone Steps On Your White Shoes

10 fashion - lily aldrin himym

You are dead to me!

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11. When You Miss Out On A Sale

11 fashion - shocked penny breaking wine glass

What do you mean there 'was' a sale at Zara?

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