7 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Days You Don't Wanna Wash Your Hair

7 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Days You Don't Wanna Wash Your Hair

Take it from us, living the life of a busy bee is no joke. When we say we are living on caffeine and dry shampoo, you must believe it's true! We are not alone and we know it. While washing our hair is imperative, we all know how hard we try to extend the time in between washes. This attempt is always blocked by the supreme amount of grease in our hair. So, what do you do? Spritz some dry shampoo and try these hairstyles for second and third-day hair. Until you find a way to balance your time (and stop being lazy about hair washes), here are 7 quick and easy hairstyles for dirty, unwashed hair.

1. The Hun-Bun

For the girl who’s always in a hurry, the half up bun is perfect for her! It gives off casual chic vibes and an ‘undone’ finish. Before tying your hair up, coat your strands with dry shampoo. Then, pull a section of hair from the crown to the back to make a messy topknot. Secure the bun with bobby pins after.

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2. Baby, Go Low


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When hair is dirty, it becomes thick, greasy and flat. If you don’t have the time on your hands to style your hair, just tie a neat braided low bun and secure your strands with a dainty hair accessory.

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3. Sassy Dutch Braids

In order to hide your oily fringe line, you’ve got to try Dutch braids! They’re easy to do and look absolutely fashionable when teamed with sporty outfits and funky coloured swimwear. To give your hairstyle a twist, you can also sprinkle glitter on your middle parting to quirk up your look.

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4. For The Love of Ponytails

Ponytails look great on wavy and bushy hair. To give it a messy look, leave a few strands loose around your fringe area. You can also give your pony a feminine touch by wrapping it up with a thin satin ribbon.

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5. Braid it Up


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One way to cover dirty, oily roots is to make plaits along the top of your head. To give your look a subtle and aesthetic feel, you can pull a couple of strands from your hairline. While you’re at it, don’t forget to groom your brows, highlight your cheekbones and paint your lips bold; this hairstyle brings the focus to your face instantly!

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6. Headbands Are Bae

If you don’t have the time to style your hair, don’t worry, just put on a headband and leave your hair open. The band helps to hide oily strands and adds an element of quirk to your outfit.

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7. Claw Clips To The Rescue

Count on a claw clip to save you from a bad hair day, ladies. A fancy metal claw clip will hold your hair together and make you look presentable at the same time. You can also use a hairspray to tame flyaways!

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