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Rock that fuss in style- The best hairstyles for frizzy hair you can try!

Rock that fuss in style- The best hairstyles for frizzy hair you can try!
If you’ve always struggled with frizzy hair, then you may have spent what feels like the better part of your life trying to get your hair to behave.Instead of trying to “tame” your mane with your straightener and bottle of hairspray, why not embrace your frizzy hair instead? It does give your hair plenty of texture after all. We give you some hairstyles for frizzy hair that actually work for your hair texture. Yes, we’re serious! Stop that daily wrestle with your frizzy hair and make that frizz work in your favour.

1. The Tousled Bob

hairstyles for frizzy hair The best hairstyle for curly, frizzy hair. The bedhead bob is a low-maintenance do and you don’t need to bother about trying to “smoothen” your strands for this hairstyle. Textured waves help add interest to this hairstyle for curly frizzy hair. You can go an extra step and even make it an asymmetric crop like PC to make it even more interesting. 

2. The Teased Ponytail

hairstyles for frizzy hair A great way to help make your ponytail appear thicker and add more volume is to tease it, instead of taming it. For this hairstyle for frizzy hair, all you need to do is backcomb thin sections at random and tousle your crown. This hairstyle for curly frizzy hair is absolutely perfect for when you don’t have time to spare and is a style that actually looks better once humidity brings that frizz-effect to your locks. 

3. Wild Curls

hairstyles for frizzy hair Let loose your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this awesome hairstyle for frizzy hair that is all about being body and bounce. Just use a light leave-in conditioner on damp hair like L’Oreal Liss Ultime Leave-In Cream (Rs 525) and scrunch using your fingers or a diffuser. The whole hairstyle is about the ends being wild, so you don’t need to worry about getting your hair to “behave”. You can rub a drop of hair serum between your palms before running it through your hair to help it feel softer and sexier.

4. Softer Updos

hairstyles for frizzy hair Whether it’s a 1-minute topknot or a more elaborate updo, pulling all your hair up into a sleek style can look a bit severe. Texture and stray strands help soften the look out, so don’t be afraid to let frizzy hair actually bring some spark to an ordinary topknot. You could spritz your roots with dry shampoo to bring some extra volume to your undone updo.

5. Bohemian Waves

hairstyles for frizzy hair You have the perfect hair texture that people try to achieve when they’re aiming at beach waves. It’s basically the effect that salt has on your strands. Don’t fight the frizz, instead let it work for you. Flaunt this hairstyle for frizzy hair by basically smoothening a few random sections in the midst of your natural wavy texture for a more polished touch.

6. Side Swept Fluff

hairstyles for frizzy hair If you have naturally wavy or curly hair you should definitely try this glam style. For this hairstyle for curly frizzy hair, all you need to do is, after scrunching your mane, brush it all out. Now we know that normally you would never do that, as that just leads to poufiness but that’s kind of what we’re aiming for now. Then, just pull all your hair to one side and secure with bobby pins. Frizzy, fluffy, big hair is the main component to make this hairstyle for frizzy hair work. 

7. The Windswept Braid

hairstyles for frizzy hair Make your unruly frizzy hair work in your favour with a fishtail braid or even just a regular plait. For this hairstyle for frizzy hair, work some mousse like L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Full Volume (Rs 575) onto your roots when dry and then backcomb your crown before braiding your hair. Then, just pull at your braid to make it look a bit undone and sexy and let those flyaways add to the undone effect. Images: Shutterstock and Viral Bhayani MUST-READ: NO Shampoo?! Yes, It Might Be The Best Way To Healthy Hair! MUST-READ: Unwashed Hair? 8 Super Quick Fixes For The Lazy Girl!