Ms Braganza Has Some Naughty Fun With Ice Cream

Ms Braganza Has Some Naughty Fun With Ice Cream

My first orgasm in life taught me one thing - life is dreary without good sex. And that's the mantra I've lived by, even after marriage. Now, I don't mean to brag but when Mr. Braganza and I take it, we take it to town! After much thinking, I've decided it's best to share my bedroom adventures with you all. Because good sex and great stories are never a bad idea!

Mr. B has only two guilty pleasures - food and sex. While we've never really mixed the two, it's always been a fantasy. Him eating food off my body, preferably ice cream, with the hot and cold sensations driving me crazy or maybe putting a little whipped cream on him and then taking him in my mouth to push him over the head. So, when I was in the grocery store the other day, inspiration struck and I picked up both - ice cream and whipped cream. You never know what direction things might take, after all.

We were sitting in bed when I told him there was something I wanted to try. Looking up at me from his book, he asked, "Should I be worried?" and laughed. 

"No. Excited, maybe!" I winked as I got up to get the ice cream from the kitchen. When I returned, he looked at the tub and back at me as the realisation dawned on him. "I've been wanting to do this for so long" he exclaimed, all excited at the idea of mixing two of his favourite things.

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As he pulled me back on to the bed and started kissing me, I felt a familiar warmth spread all over my body in that special place he cherished more than anything. Slipping his hands under my gown and into my flimsy briefs, he smiled knowing that I was all raring to go.

Shedding our clothes, I pushed him down on the bed and with the evilest grin, whispered, "It's your time to be pampered, honey." I put a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth and then took his little soldier in, too. His whimpers and moans kept me going, helping me go harder and give that 'job' my very best.

When I was done, he roughly turned me over and took possession of me. We made love like this was the last time we would ever be doing this - with so much passion and fervour. Later, spent, we were lying in each other's arms when a stray thought crossed my mind. That brain freeze was worth it all.

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