This Is Why It's Important To Embrace Your Body After Weight Gain!

This Is Why It's Important To Embrace Your Body After Weight Gain!

Considering how conscious we are of our appearances these days, we give ourselves, and our bodies, a lot of talking down to if we gain even the slightest of weight. Of course, prevention is better than cure - and a healthy lifestyle is something all of us should aim to achieve. But sometimes, not everything is under your control… just like your weight gain. It could happen because of numerous reasons like excessive travel, some health issue or consumption of junk food! If you've ever happened or do happen to gain weight, here are 7 tips to embrace your body and love yourself for who you are! After all, we should never let go of the powerful women that we are just because of a few kilograms now, should we?

1. It’s normal to have your weight fluctuate

After all, the scale isn't going to show you the same number always, is it?

1 embrace your body

2. You’re still the same person!

A few more kilos is not going to make you feel any different. A random number does not change the beautiful person you are!

3. Push yourself instead of hating yourself

You don't need to start hating your body. Instead, just shift your focus and give it some TLC! This will boost your confidence and morale to get back in shape.

3 embrace your body

4. This too shall pass!

Just know that your weight gain is temporary and you will look exactly the way you want in the future. This pep talk doesn't always have to be one that comes with immediate results, but sometimes it could well be about starting small but having a clear vision of where you're going.

5.  Maybe those extra kgs mean better styling tricks!

Maybe you needed the 3 extra kgs to look healthy, or maybe it just means you can wear the same pair of blazer in so many different ways now

5 embrace your body

6. Oh, it also means new clothes!

Of course, it does! We all buy new clothes when we lose weight, so why not when we've put on a few extra kgs? Just relax and get back to shopping.

7. Slay, nevertheless

Your figure or weight should not have anything to do with your confidence. You must be confident about your personality and it's essential to slay like the boss babe that you are especially when you've put some kilos!

7 embrace your body

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