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9 Things That Make Sex Boring - Are You Doing Any Of These?

9 Things That Make Sex Boring - Are You Doing Any Of These?

Sex is intoxicating and ecstatic, but if it doesn’t feel like this to you, you are probably doing it wrong. Of course, the spark and the excitement dims a bit as a couple gets over their honeymoon period, but that doesn’t mean it gets boring, ever.  Here are 9 things you might be doing wrong that make sex boring! Read on to find out...

1. You might not be making the right noises in the bedroom

The thing about sex is that the louder you get, the better and faster your partner gets. He needs this vocal encouragement from you to go on and if he’s not getting it, well then, he’ll just do his own thing and get over it. Put those “oohs” and “aahs” to good use then and watch them work their magic on your sex life.  

1 make sex boring

2. You might be feeling too shy to make the first move

It is okay to feel a little uncomfortable with your husband initially, but don’t let your hesitation become a mental block that eventually starts hindering your sexual life. You need to understand that your husband wants to feel desired too and he won’t feel that unless you initiate or make the first move. Trust us, it’ll light up your nights and make him go crazy.

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3. You might not be willing to experiment

The same things that turn you on, might not fancy your husband and vice versa. Unless you experiment and try to fulfil one another's’ fantasies, how would you get to know what works for you and your partner? You see, the key to a healthy sex life is trying new things, learning from them and getting better at them with practise.

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4. There’s nothing worse than mechanical sex!

Sex shouldn’t feel like an ordeal or a mundane activity that you indulge in on a daily basis. (Honestly, that’d just be sad!)  You’ve got to be involved, take charge, direct your husband and just don’t wait for it to get over, you know? All that good sex needs is equal participation from both sides. You do your part, we’re sure your husband will follow your lead soon enough.

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4 make sex boring

5. You might be talking of domestic things, during sex...

No man wants to hear how you’re planning to cut down on your expenses or about a genius idea you came up with at work - while you’re having sex. It’s a huge turn off and passes off a clear message that you aren’t enjoying the moment or worse, not even bothered with it.

6. You might be paying attention to changing up your lingerie sometimes.

Of course sturdy and sporty lingerie works best during the day, but you must let go of your functional intimates at night. Men are visual creatures and lacy and sexy lingerie does turn them on. So keep that boring lingerie out of the bed and never stop getting yourself more exciting pieces for the night

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7. You might be having sex in the same place, ALWAYS!

Most couples have sex in just one place – on their bed. Of course it’s ideal and convenient, but have you ever tried the wall, the floor, the store and the couch? They may not feel as soft and comfortable but they’ll definitely add to the thrill of having sex and also spice up your mundane sex life within seconds!

7 make sex boring

8. What pillow talk?

Talking dirty and acting naughty is the key to a healthy sex life. Overdose on that foreplay then and seduce him with your pillow talk. Rest assured, he’ll be so turned on that he’d make it a night for you to remember.

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9. You might be super predictable in bed

Sex isn’t a three step process where you simply  get on and get off. It’s more detailed than that – and that’s exactly what makes it so exciting. Being predictable means being a complete bore in bed. Keep surprising him then so that he doesn’t know what’s coming his way and is excited to jump in bed with you all day, everyday!

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