7 Shopping Mistakes We’re ALL Guilty Of Making!

7 Shopping Mistakes We’re ALL Guilty Of Making!

If shopping is your cardio and the go-to solution for everything, this one’s for you! We’ve listed 7 common shopping mistakes women make. How many are you guilty of making?

1. Buying the same thing again and again and again…

In different colours, of course. Because one crop top isn’t enough, is it? Pretty sure we all have a soft corner for one item (could be a dress, tank top, anything) and we end up hoarding on it every time we go shopping.

1 shopping mistakes women make

2. Buying something without trying it on

This really isn’t something to be proud of, but sometimes laziness does get the best of us. Shopping is as exhausting as it’s fun - so trying each and every piece can be annoying! But when we do buy something without trying it on and it fits like a glove - that’s a whole new level of achievement!      

3. Buying something that isn’t even your size…  

But it’s too pretty to let go! You know that feeling when you see a pair of shoes that look like a dream but won’t fit you? It’s probably as bad as a heartbreak. To cope with this, you buy the shoes anyway - because someone in your family might fit into them, right? If something’s so pretty, we’ve got to own it. Regardless of who wears it later!  

3 shopping mistakes women make

4. Impulsively buying things you ‘might’ wear on a vacation

I don’t need this top right now, but ye main goa mein pehen lungi!’ - we’ve all heard this from our friend (or said it ourselves!) If you haven’t booked your tickets for that ‘Goa’ trip with your friends yet, it’s time to stop collecting strappy tops and lacy shorts.  

5. Going to a pocket-friendly place to shop and then conveniently forgetting about your budget

We all love shopping destinations that don’t burn a hole in our pockets. Yet, every time we go to a budget-friendly place to shop, we conveniently forget that we had a budget in the first place. Since everything is so darn cheap, we fill our shopping bags till we run out of cash! Raise your hand if you’re guilty of doing this too!

5 shopping mistakes women make

6. Investing in something you might fit into when you lose weight

If you’re not the one who’s guilty of doing this, we’re pretty sure you know someone who is. Girls have a thing for clothes they can’t fit into. We like to believe that someday they will lose enough weight to fit into that piece. This results in a wardrobe full of clothes that look cute, but don’t fit.  

7. Buying something and then forgetting about it  

Ever found a top at the bottom of your closet with the tag still on? Yes, that’s a sign that you too have a problem of buying clothes and then forgetting about them.

7 shopping mistakes all women make

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