Arguing Via Text, Or In Real Life - Which Would You Choose & Why?

Arguing Via Text, Or In Real Life - Which Would You Choose & Why?

How codependent are we on technology? I’ll give you an example: my ex boyfriend refused to argue with me on the phone because I am a difficult person to talk to and he preferred texting me his opinions, instead! I argued back, why wouldn’t he have a proper argument on a call or when we met? Why did I have to decipher his tone and intentions lost in the midst of words? I can bet most of us have felt this way at some point or the other. Texting? Is that what relationships have been reduced to? I sat down to make a list of the pros and cons of arguing over texts and arguing in real life (IRL). You’d probably enjoy this more than you initially imagined.

Text Arguing: Pros

So the best part of arguing over text is that you can sit on your reply and find just the right words, taking your time to cool down. It makes for better replies and well thought out opinions (which may or may not be orchestrated). And sometimes, it even leads to an end to the argument altogether because the anger fizzles out.

01 arguing on text

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Text Arguing: Cons

Does anybody realise how texts can be misinterpreted so easily? A wise man once said to me, “I am responsible for what I text but not what you understand.” You can’t gauge a person’s reaction from behind a screen and you most definitely cannot kick them in the shin if you just found out they're cheating on you. My passive aggressiveness aside, texting is the easy way out. You can block, spam, mute or even just delete the person within a few clicks, without fearing a confrontation. How cowardly is that?

02 arguing on text

Arguing IRL: Pros

Ummm, honest reactions? It sounds far-fetched; but, don’t you prefer looking at a person in the eye and confronting them. And in real life, arguing can always be followed by some angry, hot make-up sex. And who doesn’t want that anyway?

03 arguing on text

Arguing IRL: Cons

You cannot control the way things may turn out. Your emotions are heightened and the words just flow out without a filter. If you are someone with a hot temper, this might spiral out of control.

04 arguing on text

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Henceforth I Conclude

First things first, whatever floats your boat. But, I like the rawest form of emotions and that’s why I prefer arguing in real life; face-to-face. You can cry, scream or just give the other person the silent treatment. But, no matter what it is - it’s as real as it gets. Isn’t that what we need relationships to be? Real?

05 arguing on text

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