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10 *After Sex* Habits That Are Just As Important As Sex!

10 *After Sex* Habits That Are Just As Important As Sex!

A good session of sex is like a blockbuster movie. It starts off well and stays just as fun and engaging right till the very end. Plus, it leaves its’ audience reeling in pleasure long after it has ended.  

These after-sex habits are just like the happy ending to the movie then and are just as important as the sex itself. Make sure you don’t miss out on them!  

1. Helping each other clean up after getting messy!

Gently rinsing each other off with a towel after getting wet and wild is an extremely intimate gesture. It makes the couple feel cared for and looked after and gives them a more warm and affectionate feeling that is just as important as sex.

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2. Do not forget to dress back up, together!  

Most people help each other dress down in the heat of the moment but leave it to their partners to fiddle with the carelessly thrown clothes later. Happy couples know that it is just as important to help each other dress back up after sex to feel closer to one another.

3. Talking about all the new sex moves you tried.

This not just helps the couple understand what their partner likes and dislikes in bed but also proves to be a great turn on for round two!

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4. Slathering each other with kisses and cuddles.

How romantic is it when a couple can’t get enough kisses and cuddles off their partner just after they’ve had sex? Passionate kisses on the mouth need to turn into softer kisses all over and tight hugs need to turn into cuddles after sex for a healthy relationship.

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5. Spooning away each other into deep sleep.

Nothing feels more protective and safe than a lover's arms and spooning each other while sleeping is probably the best way to end a passionate night of lovemaking.

6. Being ready for round two, or three.  

Couples who tire out and slump down to slumber after penetration kill all the fun out of sex. It is couples who gear up for round two, albeit a bit later, who keep the spark alive in their relationship with their desire towards one another. Make a go for it we say!

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7. Feeding each other.

All that banging and jumping around in bed sure takes energy and leaves the body feeling hungry. Couples who share food and feed each other after sex are sure to bond incredibly well. Plus food after sex always feels great!

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8. Getting touchy, feely.  

After being physically intimate, it is almost cruel to instantly distance yourselves. The body needs the warmth and the physical touch of the lover to feel loved and couples who pay attention to this sure go a long way.

9. Goofing around and being silly.

After the high of the sex, it’s great to just goof around and have fun. Couples who can laugh at themselves and one another after a passionate round of sex, connect over humour and feel more open and easy with one another.

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10. Lying down facing each other and looking into each others’ eyes.  

Body language speaks louder than any verbal confession made otherwise. When couples lie down facing each other in bed and make eye contact after sex, their bodies speak of the respect and love they hold for one another and that is what makes for the solid foundation of any healthy relationship.

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