#GeekChic: Here's Why We’re SO Excited By The iPhone X

#GeekChic: Here's Why We’re SO Excited By The iPhone X

Apple as a brand is impossible to ignore. Especially now that the iPhone X goes on sale in India, starting today, at 6pm, it is ALL over our social network feeds. Unlike most smartphone companies, it only launches new phones once a year - and the new iPhones tend to have that larger than life effect on people. To be honest, I am not a tech friendly person, barely functioning on an iPhone 6 and using it mostly to click selfies (yes, I’m one of those girls). How come I’m writing this post? Because even I couldn’t evade how drop dead gorgeous these phones look.

So here’s what you need to know about the phones.

What’s new?

Okay so, first things first, Apple announced three phones yesterday - the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X (they’d like us to pronounce it as iPhone 10.) What I’m most interested in is the camera - Apple has made minor improvements to the camera of the iPhone 8. The ones that looked tempting were the other two phones. While the iPhone 8 Plus and X both have a potrait mode and portrait lighting the iPhone 8 does not offer that.

1 new iPhones

Want to improve the camera of your current iPhone? You’re going to love this accessory!

The phones come with a front and back tempered glass, true tone display, splash resistance and an improved A11 Bionic Chip. The company claims that the new chip will ensure that the phone is super smooth and responsive. What did I understand from that? My games would load faster!

2 new iPhones

The one thing that definitely caught my attention - the phones will have 2-hour longer battery life compared to iPhone 7. So I can keep playing my games for that much longer!

Apple also completely changes the game by bringing Augmented Reality to your fingertips (check out the picture below!) with 2 hours longer battery life compared to iPhone 7.

1 new iPhones

You can also get your hands on the Air Powermat which lets you charge your Apple Watch along with your iPhone.

Why is the iPhone X SO expensive?

The one major and quite obvious ‘key’ that sets iPhone X apart is the lack of one, it does not have a home button. This iPhone is all display with fluid gestures and a very interesting and impressive Face ID feature, which provides a secure password. Your front camera sensors also offer you Animoji which basically animates your emojis (Mind.Blown).

The Visual Differences

The iPhone X fits right into your palm, while the iPhone 8 is smaller and the iPhone 8 Plus a tad bit too big. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus offer you space grey, silver and gold finish, while the iPhone X has space grey and silver finish to offer. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus release on September 22nd and the iPhone X comes out on November 3rd.

Watch the official video to bask in awe over the gorgeous new additions.

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Here is a list of the latest iPhone prices in India:

iPhone 8 - 64 GB - INR MRP 64,000

iPhone 8 - 256 GB - INR MRP 77,000

iPhone 8 Plus - 64 GB - INR MRP 73,000

IPhone 8 Plus - 256 GB - INR MRP 86,000

iPhone X - 64 GB - INR MRP 84,000

iPhone X - 256 GB - INR MRP 1,02,000

So, those of you planning to buy the iPhone X (Read: sell most of your organs), cue in on most e-commerce sites, like Flipkart and Amazon as they alreayd have some great deals coming out. Because, someone finally understood that selling body organs would deem us unfit to use the very phones we sold them for. 


Image credits: Apple