11 *Sexts* That Are Perfect For Some Hot Midweek Action With Your Hubby!

11 *Sexts* That Are Perfect For Some Hot Midweek Action With Your Hubby!

They say that a great sex session can add years to your life and all that glow to your face! But what do you do when you are too busy keeping up with your hectic work life. The late nights at work sometimes leave you with zero energy and no time. A goodnight kiss and you’re both off. But let that not happen anymore! Make good use of technology and add some spice to your life. Here are 11 sexts to send to your husband that’ll guarantee you some hot midweek action!

1.‘Tonight’s gonna be busy… Can you help me tick off my naughty to-do list?’

2. ‘I had a really sexy dream about you last night… Want to make it a reality?’

3. ‘I am wearing my lacy babydoll today, but I’d prefer if I wore nothing…!’

3 sexts to send your husband

4. ‘Baby, my yoga sessions are really helping...want to check out my flexibility tonight?’

5. ‘The door’s open and so are my legs… come home early, will you?’

6. ‘The weather report says it’s going to be chilly tonight. How about exchanging some body heat together?’

6 sexts to send your husband

7. ‘Let’s enact that *insert scene* from 50 Shades Of Grey tonight?’

8. ‘I can’t find my lacy bra. Can you check I left it in your office bag?’

9. ‘The kids have an extra class today. Let’s get hot and dirty like never before!’

9 sexts to send your husband

10. ‘I want to moan in pleasure with you and… (to be continued) when you reach home!’

11. ‘Let’s have a naked dinner tonight. Oh, and let’s get together in the shower after that?!’

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