‘What’s That ONE Thing You’ll Give Up Sex For?’ 7 People Reveal!

‘What’s That ONE Thing You’ll Give Up Sex For?’ 7 People Reveal!

Can you think of that ONE thing you would give up sex for?

Well, not many people want to kiss their sex life a goodbye but what if they had to? Not that there are too many alternatives to sex, but if at all, what are the things that make people okay to let go of their sex life altogether. We went around our office and asked people to answer this question and team POPxo’s answers will definitely amaze you.

1. Food. Food. And Food.

I don't think I have thought this through but anything that even comes close to sex is food. I’m a complete foodie and the kind of joy I get from eating spicy momos or rajma chawal or chinese cannot be explained so will definitely pick food (if I have to).

1 what would you give up sex for girls eating

2. Free Plane Tickets!

A life-long supply of airplane tickets to all sort of places should do just fine! Who needs sex when I can have my Instagram game on point, right?!

3. Video Games Before Sex, Anyday!

Video games is the only thing that comes before sex for me. A FIFA game or maybe a pursuit on Call of Duty gives me a great sense of rush and pumps up my adrenaline.

4. And Yoga It Is!

The blissfulness that yoga gets to me, I can let go of sex SOMETIMES for it.

4 what would you give up sex for man yoga

5. Hot Chocolate, YO!

I will give up sex for a mugful of hot chocolate or waffle served with dollop of vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

6. A Room Full Of Puppies!

It would be the perfect replacement. Who needs sex when you have puppies to love?

7. Sleep. Enough Said.

Blissful uniterrupted hours of slumber!

10 what would you give up sex for sleeoy girl

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