11 Sneaky Places To Have Sex With Your Fiancé!

11 Sneaky Places To Have Sex With Your Fiancé!

Love marriage or arranged by parents, courtship period is never the same for any two couples. While some of us like to get a taste of umm…what (or who) we’ve signed up for life, others like to build up the sexual excitement by waiting for the suhagraat. Either way you wish to go about it, is perfectly fine, as long as you’re consenting and comfortable with it. But, if you choose to experiment before the wedding, we’re listing 11 sneaky places to have sex with your fiancé!

1. In his car, parked in the mall basement.

1 places to have sex - car sex

Find a spot that’s easy to miss by the CCTV cameras and the guards and do it during rush hours, so that everyone’s too busy to notice what you’re doing. Also, the car tends to shake along with you, so well, be careful.

2. Inside fitting rooms at your dress trials.

They’re neat, pretty, spacious and mostly come with sofa sets stashed in a corner, inside. Plus, no cameras! Rest assured, your fiancé won’t mind coming to frequent dress trials with you.

3. Empty college classrooms or libraries.

3 places to have sex - making out in library

Walk down memory lane by taking a trip to your college on a college holiday and make some new memories at the same old spot with a hot quickie with your main man.

4. On someone’s terrace!

Indian terraces can give you ample privacy, what with huge water tanks, clothes lines and other household items dumped on the roof. You could hide behind them or lean on them or do whatever else your fantasy demands.

5. In your own bathroom.

5 places to have sex - bathroom sex

For unlike any other bathroom, you know at least it’d be clean. Plus, after you get married, you wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of your bed to have sex in your bathroom for a long, long time. And even if someone happens to knock on your door while you’re at it, you can always call out to say that you’ll take some time and they wouldn’t suspect you of anything.

6. At some abandoned building or site.

Go on a long drive and leap out at an abandoned building. But of course, make sure of insects, animals, people etc and then when you’re done, quickly run back to your car and laugh all the way back.

7. In an empty pool.

7 places to have sex - swimming pool sex

Keep your top clothing on and simply remove your bottom wear. So that even if someone walks in on you in an empty pool, they wouldn’t be able to see what you were up to inside the water!

8. In a movie theatre.

Make a movie of your own! *winks* Make sure, though, that you book tickets to a movie not many people would pay to watch in a theatre! Also, book a couple of corner seats so that space is not a problem for you.

9. At a friend’s flat, when he’s not home.

9 places to have sex - couple making out

Or better when he or she is home, but in another room. For even if they hear you at it, they’ll understand. What else are friends for, right?

10. Inside a storage unit/ store room.

Hot and steamy and with little room to move around – you’ll probably be jamming against the wall/door and oh, it’ll make you climax like never before.

11. In the bride’s waiting room, at your sagan.

11 places to have sex - sidharth katrina making out

Because you’ll only get engaged once and that expensive suite your parents booked for you to wait at, demands to be made good use of, no? Plus, this little trip to the suite, in your lehenga will make your sagan so much more exciting for you and your fiancé. Are we right or are we right?

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