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Best sex accessories survey India: Who likes what? *wink*

Best sex accessories survey India: Who likes what? *wink*

Have you ever wanted to buy some ‘sexcitement’ items on the internet but shied away just because you don’t want anybody else to find out? Well, let the awesome Punjabi women give you the motivation you need for these sex accessories! How, you ask? According to research done by ThatsPersonal.com, an Indian website for sex toys, it is Punjabi women in India that buy the most ‘sexcitement’ products a.k.a sex toys!

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Of course, other states are not going to be left behind when it comes to sex accessories. We’ve got Assam buying the most kinky stuff, West Bengal buys the most candy panties, Telangana goes for more men thongs and UP focuses more on penis enlargement. ‘To each its own’ fits this situation perfectly, doesn’t it?

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Despite the above mentioned numbers, only 38% buyers of adult products India are women while 62% are men. That doesn’t come as a shock considering how women are constantly asked to keep shush about their sexual desires in India, right? But we’d still call it progress from one angle.

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However, when it comes to dividing the most sale of sex toys in India region wise, it is Maharashtra that tops the list; followed by Karnataka and West Bengal, with Madhya Pradesh coming in at the end. The survey also said, however, that if Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon were to be combined, they would beat Maharashtra in terms of sale.

Published on Aug 11, 2017
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