9 Sex Problems It’s OKAY To Talk To Your Partner About

9 Sex Problems It’s OKAY To Talk To Your Partner About

Sex isn’t always as exciting as it is in movies and often, we all have certain problems when it comes to being intimate. While we may not be comfortable in discussing these problems with our partner, it is okay and in fact, healthy to have a conversation with him at times. Sharing your thoughts with your partner will not only make you feel better, but it’ll also strengthen your relationship.

Here are 9 sex problems it’s okay to talk to your guy about.

1. Unprotected Sex

How are you still having this?! Unless you're trying to have kids, unprotected sex, in this day and age, is the worst idea! If your boyfriend likes unprotected sex but you’re uncomfortable, it's time to have that conversation. 

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2. Trying A New Sexual Fetish

Before trying a new sexual fetish, it’s advisable to discuss it with your partner to ensure that you both are really in for it.

3. Period Sex

Periods make you horny and so ask your partner if he’ll be up for some period sex and see where it goes from there. It’s only natural to crave some action, right?

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4. Discussing Sexual Health

Never ever shy away from discussing things that hold importance to your own sexual health and well-being.

5. Any Kind Of Sexual Discomfort

‘Cuz if you’re not enjoying yourself then any kind of intimacy is not worth it at all. Maybe, demonstrate what actually works for you in bed?!

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6. Not Indulging In Enough Foreplay

After all, it takes two for a perfectly pleasurable sexual experience. Don’t you agree?

7. If Things Are Getting Too Rough

It could be anything from sixty nine to anal to the use of sex toys - the key is being honest.

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8. Frequency

Whether it's happening too often or not often enough, it is alright to tell him what really works for you! If he cares, he will definitely be on-board with this conversation. 

9. Discussing Turn Offs

Stinky feet, unbrushed teeth or anything particular that your partner does which just puts you off, discuss it. If his ego is fragile, set up a shower-foreplay, so you can make sure you're both minty fresh before you get down and dirty, nudge-nudge, wink-wink. 

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