10 Compliments Men Give That Are Simply Sexist (Stop Now!!)

10 Compliments Men Give That Are Simply Sexist (Stop Now!!)

Boys, take note because we’re about to show you a mirror and it ain’t looking pretty. For way-too-long now women have been subjected to casual sexism and we’re not having it anymore. Don’t say the following things even if you think they are compliments in your head. Plain speak – they are not and were never flattering to begin with. Here are 10 compliments men give that are sexist!

1. “You’re not like other girls.”

You mean I’m not strong, resilient, sensitive, and overall awesomesauce? Well then, f*ck you!

1 compliments men give - girl showing middle finger

2. “You’re really funny for a girl.”

You’re about to be punched in the face and guess what; you’re about to learn something new today. I’m also very strong; you know, for a girl.

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3. “Wow! I’m amazed you drive so well.”

And I’m amazed you have the audacity to be making sexist comments in 20fucking17.

3 compliments men give - emma stone making faces

4. “Your career is going so well. Too bad you’ll get married soon.”

Too bad you haven’t learnt how to you hide your insecurity even with these thinly veiled sexist remarks.

5. “You look much better without makeup.”

And you look better with your mouth shut. Two can play, ya know.

5 compliments men give - jeniffer lawrence

6. “You’re so drama free, you’re like one of the guys.”

Except you’re a wuss so actually I’m happy in my girls club over here. Kthnxbye!

7. “I love how you don’t dress up like other girls.”

I distinctly remember not asking you for your unnecessary opinion on the matter. Like, ever.

7 compliments men give - nicki minaj

8. “You cook so well – totally marriage material!”

I really hope you find a nice maid to marry since your priorities are pretty clear.

9. “You’d look really cute as a typical housewife.”

And you’d look really cute as…oh…wait…that ship sailed when you opened your mouth and spoke.

9 compliments men give - emma stone oh burn

10. “You’re an excellent secret keeper, you know, for a girl.”

Oh right, because I’m expected to gossip all the time! Guess what the latest news is – I’m sitting across from a sexist pig. God, this *HAS* to go on my Snapchat!

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