Make His Day: Compliments ALL The Men In Our Lives Would *Love* To Hear

Make His Day: Compliments ALL The Men In Our Lives Would *Love* To Hear

As a feminist, fighting daily battles with sexists and misogynists gets tiring. However, in our drive to smash the patriarchy, we often overlook the *good guys* in our life - those who respect, understand and support us. So the next time you see your boyfriend, brother, father or even a friend, don’t forget to drop them a compliment and make them feel good about themselves!. These compliments for guys would make him feel appreciated and valued!

Compliments For Boyfriend

Compliments For Brother

Compliments For Father

Compliments For Male Friends

Compliments For Your Boyfriend

He makes your world go round, but do you often find yourself running out of words when you’re with him? Worry not, we’ll help you with *just* the right things to say to the special man in your life!

1. ‘You feel like home’

Sometimes saying ‘I love you’ just doesn’t cut it! If you want to tell your boyfriend how safe and understood you feel with him, this will do the trick! Home, after all, is a feeling more than a place!

2. ‘You give me so many reasons to smile all day, every day. Thank you for that!’

Your boyfriend puts in efforts to make you happy, whether it’s the little things or grand gestures. Let him know that you appreciate that.

3. ‘You always look good, whether it’s when you just woke up or when you’re dressed in your best!’

A lot of times, saying “you look hot” can seem superficial. You want to let him know that you find him attractive no matter what - even when he’s not ‘dressed to impress’!

1 compliments your man would like to hear

4. ‘Thank you for being so thoughtful and going out of your way to do this for me. I really appreciate it. I love you all the more for it.’

If he goes out of his way and puts in extra efforts just for you, make sure you tell him just how much you appreciate it!.

5. ‘That smile and that sparkle in your eyes makes me go weak in the knees every time.’

Not only will this compliment really flatter him, it will make him smile even harder. Win-win!

6. ‘Your friends are awesome. They made me feel welcome and included. I’m so glad we went to meet them.’

Every guy is proud of his friends, and he really wants you to like them! He’ll be more than happy if you get along with his buddies.

7.  ‘I’m so glad that you ended up with me. All your experiences, good and bad, have made you the man you are today, the man of my dreams!’

He’s the sum of all his experiences and aren’t you glad that he’s the man he is?

8. ‘I feel like I can accomplish anything in my life now that you’re by my side. I know you’ll support me in whatever I do.’

If he is your biggest cheerleader and supporter, make sure you tell him how much that means to you.

9. ‘Your gift on my birthday/anniversary was so thoughtful. You know me so well!’

Don’t thoughtful gifts make you feel extra special? Complimenting him on the gesture will make him feel like all his efforts are worth it.

10. ‘I’ve always dreamt of being with someone who looks at me the way you do.’

You know that look he gives you, the one that gives you butterflies in your stomach? Make sure you let him know how special it makes you feel.

Compliments For Your Brother

He is your first best friend, confidant and partner-in-crime! Take a break from your usual friendly fights, and give your brother a genuine compliment!

1. ‘I love that I can rely on you no matter what, I know you’ll always be there for me.’

Siblings share a special bond. They may argue and fight, but whenever one of them is in trouble, the other will always come to their rescue. Tell your brother how much you appreciate that.

2. ‘You are genuine, kind and sincere and those are your best qualities.’

The best compliment that you can give your brother is not about his looks or achievements, but about what a good human being he is.

3. ‘You are talented and hard-working, and you deserve all the success in the world!’

Is your brother feeling down and unmotivated about his work/education? These words of encouragement might put him back on the right path.

4 compliments your man would like to hear

4. ‘Hey, that haircut looks good on you!’

Sure, we LOVE to playfully insult and make fun of our siblings. Try complimenting him on something simple for a change, he will feel extra special about it.

5. ‘Thank you for being my support system, I know I can always lean on you.’

Remember the times when your parents were dead-against a particular decision of yours, but your brother fought with them to support you? Make sure you remind him how much his support means to you.

6. ‘You are my best friend and confidant’

They say siblings are friends that are related by blood. While you may acquire more friends as you grow older, your bond with your brother will never fade. Tell him how important that is to you.

7. ‘You have great taste!’

Sure, you brother may have made questionable choices when he was younger, but as he’s grown older his tastes have improved - make sure you encourage this improvement, in case he resorts to his old ways!

7 compliments your man would like to hear

8. ‘Congratulations on the new (latest purchase), you’ve earned it!’

Did your brother just buy a new car, sign a lease on a new apartment, or just buy his first ‘grown-up’ suit? Congratulating him will make him feel good about his hard work and appreciate his new purchase even more meaningful.

9. ‘You are a great brother’

Sometimes, you just need to straight up tell your brother how great he is. It will make him feel loved and appreciated.

10. ‘I am so proud of the man you have become’

This is the most genuine compliment that you can give to your brother. Let him know how proud you are of him.

Compliments For Your Father

Your father was the ‘first man in your life’ and that title can never be replaced! So don’t wait for Father’s Day...tell him how much he means to you with these special compliments!

1. ‘You are my role model’

You’ve always looked up to your dad ever since you were a little girl. Make sure you remind him that again and again.

2. ‘Thank you for teaching me everything I know!’

Your father was your first teacher. He helped you with everything, be it your maths homework or more serious life skills. Tell him you are forever grateful for that!

3. ‘You have a great sense of humour, thank you for passing it on to me’

Come on, it’s time to acknowledge that you inherited your sharp wit from daddy dearest. Telling him that will certainly make him feel happy, especially about all those dad jokes.

10 compliments your man would like to hear

4. ‘Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me’

Our parents give up a lot just to give their children the best they could ever have. Let him know that you are grateful for every sacrifice he has made for you.

5. ‘I love spending time with you!’

Our fathers spend all their lives preparing us for adulthood...only to have us fly away from the nest. Tell him how much you cherish all the time you spend together every time you visit him!

6. ‘You are deeply admired and loved.’

Our fathers tend to be hard on the outside but total softies on the inside. Don’t miss a chance to see his sweet smile when you tell him how much you love and respect him.

7. “You are so handsome!’

Yes, this may be a cheesy one, but can you imagine how your old man’s face will light up when you tell him this? Remind him that age hasn’t managed to diminish his good looks! 

13 compliments your man would like to hear

8. ‘I am the woman I am today because of you’

Isn’t it true? We owe our entire existence to our parents, so let’s give them the credit. Be warned though, this emotional line is going to bring on some waterworks.

9. ‘Thank you for teaching me to be strong!’

Yes, our father’s might have been very gentle and loving with us. But they also know when to draw the line and play the ‘bad cop’, only so that you grow up to be a strong, independent woman. That is such a great gift, so tell your father how eternally grateful you are for that trait.

10. ‘You are the best father ever!’

Yes, we agree--every girl thinks *her* father is the best! However, that doesn’t make the statement any less true, does it? So go tell him that, because he loves to hear it no matter how many times!

Compliments For Male Friends

Besides our fathers, brothers and boyfriends, let’s not forget about all our guy friends, without whom life would be so dull! Tell them these 10 things to show them how much their friendship means to you.

1. ‘You’re such a great listener!’

Friendship is all about listening to and supporting each other. Remind your guy friend about what a great friend he is by telling him he’s a great listener.


2. ‘You give excellent advice’

One of the best qualities a friend can possess is the ability to give sound advice. Go tell all your great advice-giving guy friends how much you appreciate that.

3. ‘I really value our friendship’

There’s nothing wrong in reminding your guy friend how much he means to you. Tell him that he adds value to your life and hug it out.

4. ‘You’re my partner-in-crime’

Whether it’s hitting up all the clubs in town or stuffing your face the next day with pizza while nursing your hangover, there’s nobody else you’d paint the town red with!

5. ‘You have great style’

Sure, you’ve seen them dressed like slobs when they were teenagers, but they cleaned up quite well as they grew older. So give them that confidence boost and tell them they have a great sense of style.

6. ‘I’m glad we can lean on each other’

Friendship isn’t all about just partying and having fun. *Real* friends will be there to support each other during the good times and the bad, so tell your guy friend how lucky you are to have that kind of comfort and security with him.

7. ‘I love your company!’

At the end of the day, if you can’t hang out with each other, are you really even friends? Go tell your friend just how much you love your Sunday binge watches over pizza and beer.


8. ‘You’re a great cook’

This compliment is win-win. If your friend is a good cook, remind him how much you appreciate his skills in the kitchen and he’ll happily whip something up for you.

9. ‘Thank you for being a warm and kind person’

It doesn’t matter how ‘cool’ or accomplished someone is. If they’re not a good person, they don’t deserve to be your friend. Remind them that you think they’re amazing!

10. ‘I’m glad you’re my friend’

Sometimes, it’s great to be direct. Tell them that they’re a great friend and you’re lucky to have them in your life.

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This story was updated in March 2019.