compliments your man would like to hear

13 Compliments Your Man Would *Love* To Hear More Often!

Srishti Gupta

Senior Lifestyle Writer

Men work hard to make us women happy. It’s only fair for us to return the favour! Men love compliments but rarely ask for them on their own. Here are 13 extremely sweet compliments your man would like to hear, that would make him feel appreciated and valued!

1. ‘Whatever you put your mind to, I know you’ll be able to achieve that. Nothing and nobody can stand in your way!’

Every man loves to feel that he can achieve anything.

1 compliments your man would like to hear

2. ‘You give me so many reasons to smile all day, every day. Thank you for that!’

He really does, doesn’t he?

3. ‘You are so handsome! You always look good, whether it’s when you just woke up or when you’re dressed in your best!’

Tell him just how good he looks! He will be flattered by your compliment.

4. ‘Thank you for being so thoughtful and going out of your way to do this for me. I really appreciate it. I love you all the more for it.’

He sure puts in a lot of effort to make you happy. Let him know you see it!

4 compliments your man would like to hear

5. ‘That smile and that sparkle in your eyes makes me go weak in the knees every time.’

Aaah! That smile!

6. ‘Your friends are awesome. They made me feel welcome and included. I’m so glad we went to meet them.’

Every guy is proud of his friends. He’ll be more than happy if you get along with his friends.

7.  ‘I’m so glad that you ended up with me. All your experiences, good and bad, have made you the man you are today, the man of my dreams!’

He’s the sum of all his experiences and aren’t you glad that he’s the man he is?

7 compliments your man would like to hear

8. ‘I feel like I can accomplish anything in my life now because I have you as a safety net. I know you’ll support me in whatever I do.’

He is your biggest cheerleader and supporter. That is the best thing, isn’t it?

9. ‘Are you going to put your shirt back on? Not yet, handsome, not yet.’


10. ‘You’re so gifted and hard working, and everyone around us knows that. I’m so proud of you!’

He’s going to do great things and you’ll be with him throughout!

10 compliments your man would like to hear

11. ‘You always give the best advice and steer me in the right direction.’

He’s very smart and mature. Remind him that once in a while!

12. ‘Your one-liners are the best. I wish I could have your sense of humour.’

Because he makes you ROFL… Literally, at times!

13. ‘I’ve always dreamt of being with someone who looks at me the way you look at me.’

You know that look that gives you butterflies in your stomach? Yup, that’s the one!

13 compliments your man would like to hear

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Published on Jun 07, 2017
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