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10 Things Every Couple With An *Awesome* Sex Life Talks About!

10 Things Every Couple With An *Awesome* Sex Life Talks About!

Every couple craves an awesome sex life and like all good things, it comes with some effort. There are some things couples talk about to have an exciting sex life, making them all the more intimate and attracted to each other. Read on and find out what those things are!

1. Dirty Dirty Talking Baby!

No points for guessing that this is one of the best ways for couples with exciting sex lives to push the START button to a wild wild session! Besides, teasing each other every now and then with a dirty text or two, always helps build the sexual tension and keeping things exciting.

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2. Experimenting Is Fun, So Let’s Get Talking

Being open to discussing and experimenting with new and different things in bed like role playing, positions and even BDSM (if you’re a wild couple) is a great way to spice things up and keep the hormones rushing!

3. Secret Kinky Fantasies Aren’t Kept A Secret From Each Other

It is true that every person has some secret kinky fantasies, whether it is playing rough, or trying a non-conventional position or sex on a beach. Happy couples make it a point to talk about their inner kinky desires, and actually fulfill them, yes!

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4. What Doesn’t Work For Them AKA Turn Offs

Couples with exciting sex lives don’t shy away from telling each other what works for them and what doesn’t! They understand that the turn offs are as important as the turn ons. Such honesty definitely ups their sex game.

5. Hello Erogenous Zones

There are certain things that make us feel ecstatic in bed, and sexually happy couples talk about this ‘bag of tricks’ which acts as a cheat sheet whenever they make love. They tell each other about where they want to be touched and how.

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6. Consciously Make A Sex Quota

Life can be busy with work, social commitments and endless other stresses and chores. Couples who have a healthy and exciting sex life make a conscious effort to mark their calendars and make sure that sex too, like all other things, is given priority.

7. They Appreciate One Another

Letting your partner know how sexy they are, or how much they turn you on, always goes a long way! Not only does it boost your partner’s confidence, it also floods them with happy hormones and they want you all the more for loving and appreciating them!

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8. Communicate, Instead Of Waiting

Instead of waiting for your partner to figure out how you want them to pleasure you, try speaking up instead. Helping your loved one with words and actions is what couples with great sex lives opt for. Turns out that this practice of communicating instead of waiting is quite rewarding, if you know what we mean!

9. Sharing Feelings Has A Part To Play

More often than not, a dull sex life is a consequence of the stress from work that people tend to carry into their bedrooms. When partners discuss what is affecting their libido, and work as a team to de-stress one another, it leads to an awesome fun filled sex life.

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10. Talk About Creating A To-Do Bucket List

To keep the excitement going, couples often create a bucket list of the places where they want to have sex and then there is the thrill of striking them off one by one! Our suggestions - join the mile high club, sex on the beach, in your parents' house…you get the drill?

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