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Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Girls Living Their Sex Fantasies!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Girls Living Their Sex Fantasies!

1. In The Water, Under The Stars

‘Jump in!’ I screamed from inside the water. My clothes lay on the side - his t-shirt, my shorts. He stood outside and laughed, ‘No way!’

‘Come on!’ I pleaded. He finally gave in and dipped his foot in the swimming pool. The one we had all to ourselves for the night. ‘Hey, you know what I would like right now?’ he asked and before I could answer, planted a kiss on my lips. ‘Hey, you know what I would like right now?’ I asked and before he could answer, unhooked my bra.

I don’t remember much that happened after that because it happened so quick but I do remember that we could not keep our hands off off each other and it was a starry starry night - just the way I had always imagined.

1 sex fantasies - kissing in pool

2. When Love Is Blind

I made him wait for six months before I got into bed with him. I wanted to know whether he was worth the wait or not. As time passed, I realized he was everything I ever wanted. That night, when he was least expecting it, I made a move on him.

At first, I asked him to shut his eyes. I then blindfolded him using a sleeping eye mask. Without giving him another minute to react, I pressed my lips against his, unbuttoned his shirt and guided his hands all over my curves. Each time he moaned, I nibbled harder. With his eyes still blindfolded, we moved from the bedroom to the kitchen table to the balcony. This kinky fantasy had always been on my sex bucket list. And I'm so glad that I got to live it out with him.

2 sex fantasies - blindfold kiss

3. Going Over To The Other Side

I’ve always loved the life on the dark side. Didn’t surprise me that I liked the same in bed as well. I was clueless about his preferences but I knew that I wanted a little kink served with sex and I wanted it asap.

During one role play experience, I whispered in his ear, ‘Will you tie me up and spank me? I’ll love that!’ His eyes light up immediately and he grabbed me. In that moment, I knew he was as excited by the idea as I was. Soon, he was fulfilling all my deepest and darkest fantasies in the most amazing way possible. Sex, from that day forward, was mind blowing, never to be the same again.

3 sex fantasies tying up

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